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Tech Minutes: Blockchain, FedEx, and the Future

May 29, 2018

How is the turkey on your dinner table connected to data security and chain of custody?

Blockchain has the potential to transform trust in the internet of the future, with far-reaching impacts for business and also for just about every person on the planet.

Take a peek towards the future as Blockchain technology is discussed by Don Tapscott, co-author of Blockchain Revolution and Rob Carter, FedEx CIO and EVP of FedEx Information Services.


    Karen Stull says:

    Awe-inspiring efforts with Blockchain technology. Excellent article!

    sandy jacobs says:

    Very interesting; how do we learn more about what groups at FedEx are working on blockchain?

    Rico Cunningham says:

    This is the future of the Internet of Things. Blockchain will play an important role.

    Angela J. Nealy, M.S. says:

    Great forward thinking article/video. A must read as we re-design our authenticity and create a dynamic platform for growth.

    Kenneth Carter says:

    Blockchain will ensure the integrity of the transactions. Can it view the availability of products within multiple supplychains, reroute shipments to fulfill post order needs and still adhere to the Blockchain’s primary objective of securing transaction data integrity?

    Theresa Rubinoff says:

    FedEx participation and partnership with Blockchain innovation is why we are one of the Fortunes Top 10 companies. Thank you to our leadership for continuing to move FedEx into the future in a positive way…

    Jason Issac says:

    So interesting to think about how blockchain will be applied! Thanks for sharing

    Kamlesh Mundra says:

    This Journey will be very exciting. I see transparency as a big output post deployment of block chain based technology

    Wesley Roaten says:

    Blockchain, the ULTIMATE ledger!

    Jim Keller says:

    Block chain will truly change how businesses operate, thrive and survive in the future. Great short piece on the impact of Block chain.

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