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Behind the Scenes: How Boeing Built Our Latest 777F Airplane

November 1, 2017

Each Boeing 777F airplane is made of more than 3 million individual parts.

And our newest 777F is a unique one. It’s part of the ecoDemonstrator program, and will be used for a series of tests to improve environmental performance and safety of future airplanes.

A large range of technologies will be tested, including compact thrust reversers, flight deck innovations, and fuel efficiency.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes peek inside the Boeing factory with the building of this plane!



    Eliza says:

    I’m grateful 4 the opportunity to work AIRBUS. I have been with FEDEX a year and am optimistic about future work opportunities.

    cob says:

    much innovation, so less fuel use, very speed.

    Karen Stull says:

    Amazing aircraft!

    radhika says:

    This’s so nice, GO FEDEX!!!

    Ferhat Er says:

    Hello Hollie. FedEx is great as always!

    Carlos Gamiño says:

    Such an intelligent flying machine !

    Ahmad Abdelrahim says:

    The great strides this company has made to building a better, more connected world is truly inspiring. Standing behind their Purple Promise, I am excited to see the new achievements this project will reach.

    Diego Salazar says:

    Super Amazing…. welcome Hollie

    Ryan says:

    Saw this plane in Memphis this week. Looks great! Go FedEx!

    Eltoro Allen says:

    I have been with FedEx for about a year now. I love to see this aircraft rolling in.

    Magda says:

    The idea of better fuel efficient planes is a giant step for the aviation industry, very proud FedEx is on board.

    David F says:

    Boeing is a great American company with dedicated employees, much like FedEx. What a great partnership to improve the future of environmentally responsible aviation!

    John W. Felter says:

    777F looks like a really big deal especially when many of the MD 10 aircraft are retiring, including N306FE, which has the name “John” on it.

    Karen says:

    I have been with the company over 35 years and it is great to see all the innovations and changes for the Future . From the Falcons to the 777F it has been a journey!!!!

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