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Pins and Needles: Last French Sewing Needle Company Still Thriving

May 22, 2018

Nestled in the French countryside, a small region has been known for making pins since the Middle Ages. Later, it added sewing needles.  At one point, it was the main industry in L’Aigle, France with hundreds of workshops in the area.

Today, only one remains. Bohin.

From sewing needles to pins, safety pins and glass head pins, Bohin has been in business for over 180 years. The company is known worldwide and ships its products to more than 30 countries with the help of FedEx.

Take a step back in time into France’s last remaining sewing needle factory, and see how the old ways of production still work today.


    dan billman says:

    awesome story, thanks for sharing

    Jackie Garner says:

    I love this story!!!

    John Adamick says:

    Fascinating insight into what makes one of our customers unique, and our ability to meet their shipping needs. Suggest using this as a pattern for the development of an advertising campaign that focuses on the products, quality and heritage of individual customers worldwide while highlighting our ability to deliver any product from any location to any location, on budget and on schedule.

    Janet Cooper says:

    I am so happy to see that Bohin is a FedEx Express customer. Among those of us who do hand quilting and other forms of needlework, these are the very best needles!

    Teressa Brenneman says:

    I’ve never really thought about how pins/needles are made. This was very interesting..

    Noreen Poindexter says:

    Great story! It’s exciting to be an employee of FedEx, and a quilter, who use this product. Thank you for the story.

    Narasimha Pai says:

    Good one to read

    Nikki Hudson says:

    What an inspiring story and with such history of a product I never knew how was made. I enjoyed this!

    Gary Daniel says:

    Nice story . Thanks , Its nice to see stories like this . Makes me feel good about what we are doing here at Fedex

    Veena Samuel says:

    A very interesting story – enjoyed watching the video explaining the process of needles and pins manufacturing and packing by Bohin. Am so proud to be a part of FedEx meeting the shipping needs of old and new businesses in a wonderful way!

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