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April 29, 2013

FedEx Express Seattle Ramp Wins Environmental Excellence Award

By Lynda Baker, FedEx Express Properties Project Management
     Specialist and
     Scott Hendren, FedEx Express Electrical Engineering

On April 25, 2013, the Port of Seattle Commission presented FedEx Express with the Green Gateway Environmental Excellence Award. This award recognizes our environmental efforts at the Seattle ramp including the replacement of over 500 lighting fixtures with new energy-efficient fixtures and sensors. The environmental impact of this project is equivalent to removing about 51 cars from the roads or planting 78 acres of trees. 

Spencer Hansen, Senior Manager SEAR Operations, accepted the award on behalf of FedEx. “It is an honor that Sea-Tac airport recognizes our environmental efforts. Upgrading the lighting technology provides the appropriate lighting for our employees while saving energy,” he said.

In 2009, FedEx Express began our lighting retrofit. Currently, FedEx Express has retrofitted 112 Stations, 24 Airports and 5 Hubs. By the end of May 2014, our goal is to have 390 FedEx Express locations upgraded. It is a simple solution that reduces maintenance costs and saves a tremendous about of energy.  So far, we’ve saved over 30 million kilowatt hours since we started the program. That is enough electricity to power about 32,000 homes for a month.

The key is creating lighting solutions that are maintainable and sustainable. We study the lighting needs to ensure employees will have the right amount of light. Then we design lighting solutions that are easy to maintain while providing the proper light only when and where it’s needed. 
Congratulations to FedEx Express Seattle ramp operations!

fedex SEAR

(Far Left to Right) Tay Yoshitani, Port of Seattle CEO; John Creighton, Port Commission; Terry Rude, FedEx Field Facilities Mgmt; Tom Albro, Port Commission President; Spencer Hansen, FedEx Senior Manager SEAR; Courtney Gergoire, Port Commission; Bill Bryant, Port Commission

SEAR Energy Savings

Energy Savings Achieved: Air Pollution Reduction:Removing these pollutants from the air is comparable to:
  • Energy Savings: 51.21 KW / 356,983 kWh annually
  • Lighting Cost Reduction: 62.73%
  • 535,475 pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • Planting 78 acres of trees
  • Removing 51 cars from the road each year
  • Saving 32,453 gallons of gasoline each year


    MayLyn says:

    Congrats to the wondewrful FedEx Express team! What great work you are doing to improve not only lighting, but your services as well!

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