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Bringing FedEx Trade Networks to the Surface

June 29, 2012

You may have noticed the name FedEx Trade Networks in the news lately – whether you’re reading about the historical Amelia Earhart Project, the growth of ocean transport volumes or comments made on the recent FedEx Earnings Call.

You’ve seen, “FedEx Trade Networks, the freight forwarding arm of FedEx.” What does that mean? In short, it means there is a FedEx company that provides international ocean and air freight transportation, customs brokerage, distribution and related services to create flexible solutions for global cargo shippers. We help customers of all sizes with unique routing, transit time, service-level and pricing needs move their cargo efficiently.  
We’re not your typical freight forwarder, simply moving goods from Point A to Point B. We offer best-in-class services and an innovative approach to building solutions with the support of the entire FedEx portfolio. That’s what FedEx does best. FedEx has an unparalleled network of capabilities across its operating companies, and that includes strong freight forwarding and customs brokerage with FedEx Trade Networks.
So, why are you hearing more about us now, when we have deep roots in the international trade industry? Well, within the last four years, we have grown our business and market share with an organic expansion and service optimization plan. FedEx Trade Networks has established operations in 25 countries and opened 50 new offices to reach 91% of the world’s GDP.  As our company has grown, so have our volumes. Since 2008, our air and ocean freight forwarding volumes have increased 625% and 189%, respectively.
Over the last few years, the ocean freight business segment has gained more attention. As a whole, shipping via ocean has improved in terms of reliability and flexibility, evolving into a more viable option for many companies. As a global freight forwarder, FedEx Trade Networks can offer ocean choices with high-quality technology and customer service, which is why our ocean volumes continue to grow.

Most ocean customers also have air and land transportation needs, and each customer has varying reasons for the chosen mode of transport. No two customers are exactly alike. What FedEx can do better than others is create multi-modal delivery solutions perfectly tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Look at The Earhart Project. FedEx brought together the unique offerings of three distinct operating companies – FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks and FedEx Express – to provide a seamless, end-to-end delivery solution spanning over land, sea and air.
Our chairman, Fred Smith, recently called FedEx Trade Networks a great success story. I couldn’t agree more.  We have an outstanding combination of people, coverage and capabilities that position us for continued success.

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    MayLyn says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful information on FedEx Trade Networks! I enjoy using this service as well, and it is so wonderful to read all that is happening over here at FedEx!

    Jaime Buckley says:

    I work as a courier at Fedex Express. Its always great to see fedex on the rise. Keep up the good work Mr. Smith!

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