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May 9, 2012

For me, some aspects of great customer service never change, such as wanting to “hear a smile” in the voice of the person helping me.

Nearly 30 years ago, I joined FedEx Customer Service Operations to answer customer calls.  Some customers wanted to track a package while others called to arrange a pick-up or find a drop-off location.  All of them wanted to feel that I was listening attentively and cared about helping them.

Fast-forward to today.  Much has changed in customer service technology: Internet tracking, interactive voice response and social media, just to name a few.  What has not changed is that great service is powered by people.  So, I was curious when I learned that FedEx TechConnect had won a 2012 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Silver Award from Gartner and 1to1Media in the category of “Customer Analytics.” What does this mean for FedEx customers?

Remember that old cliché of ‘time is money?’ As customers, we all want to get help quickly and efficiently — today’s gold standard in customer service.  Sometimes a call to a 1-800 number for automated voice assistance is exactly what I want.  Or, if my call needs human intervention, I want the person on the other end of the line to help me without multiple transfers or repeat calls.

In 2010, FedEx TechConnect launched an effort to improve customers’ “on-the-phone” experience — MAPP (Managing to Achieve the Purple Promise). Almost universally, a contact center’s primary performance metric is measured by average handle time or AHT. With MAPP, the FedEx TechConnect culture is moving away from measuring how quickly a call is handled to how effectively the call representative resolves the issue.

MAPP uses data analytics to help call center managers identify coaching opportunities with call center representatives. The goal is to provide supportive feedback and ongoing refresher training on all the latest FedEx services and changes so reps can quickly identify the customer’s issue and resolve it in one call. It’s referred to as first-call resolution (FCR). In fact, the management team is developing a first-call resolution metric for the agents, which will replace AHT. 

It’s also created greater job satisfaction among call center representatives. MAPP allows them the time to brush up their skills through individual study time.  Each month, a representative can take advantage of 2.5 to 3.5 hours for their own professional development. The self-study experience translates into a more confident and knowledgeable representative, which leads to a more satisfied customer.

So, FedEx TechConnect–take a bow. Because of MAPP, I am confident that customers will become even more loyal because you’ve made it easier to do business with FedEx.

Now that is sweet music to my ears!


    MayLyn says:

    Sally, I feel the very same way! I’m a volunteer at FedEx and I so enjoy it because I get to help others and the community, and that brings me joy. I’m also an ebay seller that ships with FedEx, and the customer service at FedEx is the best! They have helped me in so many ways! Evan getting me started as a FedEx volunteer and get an account with FedEx to be able to ship my ebay items all over the world. I’m thankful that I have a shipping company that I can trust and have a wonderful customer service to rely on.

    Karen Meteer says:

    Thank you to TechConnect employees who have recognized a better solution, and implemented the change in MAPP from AHT to FCR! As a long time employee and station (ce) Service Agent, a frequent problem is Call Center Agents providing erroneous(or very misunderstood by customer) information to the customer. We wondered if CC Agents just “say anything” because they have no idea what to say, or to get the customer off the phone so their call-time isn’t affected. The “timed” approach was very counter productive, and I’m relieved that there’s a fix in place. As CE agents working with customers at the front counter, our transactions are now being timed. I would be interested in knowing how, or if, the two transaction indicators(call center vs. front counter) are similar enough to suggest we move away from being timed at the counter, as has been done with FCR. Being able to serve the customer without the mental clock constantly ticking, is sweet music to my ears! And for those Call Center Agents who give accurate, correct, and friendly service to us and our customers…thank you, and BZ!

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