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Mexico Road Trip Improves Vision, Learning for Thousands of Children

January 30, 2018

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For many children throughout Mexico, access to eye care can be difficult.

For some, it’s economic hardship. For others, it can be living in a town so remote that an eye doctor is just too far away. Children may not even have parents to get them to the clinic.

Whatever the reason, visual impairment can have a marked impact on a child’s ability to learn.

That’s where the Caravan of Education comes in.

Traveling all over Mexico, the Caravan offers eye tests to every child that visits.  Those who need extra help can see an ophthalmologist and often receive new glasses on the spot.

With eyesight directly related to a child’s ability to learn, the kids also go through educational activities to make science fun.

In just two months, the caravan reached more than 5,000 kids in 16 states throughout Mexico.

Travel with the Caravan to Tuxtula Guiterrez and Oaxaca, Mexico, to see firsthand some of the kids this program helped.


    Ephren Tinoco says:

    I was very uplifted to see these needy yet motivated children having their world open to new learning in the physical sciences because of a free eye exam. Knowing that it was my company that energized this effort made me proud of where I work. I can see that FedEx will be a positive force in the Mexican economy and society for many years.

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