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Celebrate Teach for America Week

February 23, 2009

Over the last few months, tens of thousands of outstanding recent graduates of all academic majors and career interests have applied to Teach For America, determined to channel their talent and energy against our nation’s greatest injustice — the fact that where one is born in our country still determines his or her educational outcomes.  Teach For America will select about 4,000 rare leaders from among these applicants and will train and support them to teach successfully for two years in our nation’s highest poverty communities and then to work throughout their lives, from inside and outside of schools, to increase educational opportunity in America.  

As one of Teach For America’s key corporate sponsors, FedEx is making our mission possible through generous contributions and in-kind donations of free and discounted shipping for our teachers.

And this February, for the third year in a row, FedEx employees are participating as guest teachers in our annual Teach For America Week. Along with other community leaders, FedEx guest teachers will visit corps members’ classrooms and facilitate lessons that draw on their diverse experience and knowledge in cities nationwide, including Memphis, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.  

What FedEx’s leaders will see during this week is the salient lesson of our last twenty years in this work.  They will experience firsthand that when students in low-income communities are given the educational opportunities they deserve, they excel. 

We can solve educational inequity — the only question is whether our response to the problem will be big enough and effective enough.  With your help, we are determined to make it so.  Thank you for your engagement and for our unique and critical relantionship with FedEx!  You are making a difference and we sincerely appreciate it.


    John Williams says:

    This is a great program. I am a 25 year employee of Fedex Express and my son, Joseph who is a Sr. at Vanderbilt in Nashville has already been selected as a corp member for Nashville starting next year. Teach for America is new next year to Nashville. He will be teaching there for two years in an innercity High School teaching History. He is very excited about this. He has just finished a year as Student Govt President at Vandy. He has stated to me that this is his way of giving back to Tennessee Public Education prior to him attending Law School. Thank you Fedex for supporting such a wonderful program.

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