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Celebrating FedEx Office Community Service During the 2008 Holiday Season

January 12, 2009

Although the holidays ought to be a time of happiness and joy, one to be shared with family and friends, it is often that dreaded time of year for so many who are less fortunate.

In a difficult economic situation, many are feeling the crunch, including myself.  As I was preparing to write this entry, I was amazed at how many are still willing to give a little more time, energy and even finances to make the past holiday season better for those in need.

FedEx Office has provided me with much to be thankful for: a team that continues to impress me daily, stability and a place to grow and learn. In the true spirit of the holidays, I would like to take this time to recognize and be thankful for those FedEx Office team members who were instrumental in making this past holiday season a little easier for those who needed it the most. Here are just a few stories we received:

•    Melissa Migdal and fellow CAE Gregg Moore spent more than six hours volunteering at the Santa Monica Civic Center on Thanksgiving Day. In addition to a warm meal, the Civic Center provided an opportunity for the homeless to receive medical care, haircuts, clothing and more.
•    Tiffany Winters, Stephanie Fischer and the rest of the team at Center 0638 in Englewood, CO, adopted a senior citizen and small family for the holidays. This center regularly participates in a school program for low-income families, providing school supplies and clothing for children.
•    Linda Beaty from Center 0463 in Santa Fe, NM, collected donations from her fellow center team members to adopt a single father, 10-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl. Linda provided the family with a Christmas tree and gifts from Santa.
•    For the third year, Operations District 25 in San Diego and members of the field HR team adopted several families for the holidays.
•    Field Recruiter Rob Rochevot and District Manager Scott Gerus participated in the Trees for Troops event at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL, helping to deliver nearly 600 fresh Christmas trees to service men and women and their families.
•    The Workforce and Supply Chain Solutions technology team at FSO gathered CD players, watches, batteries, clothing and coats for two children and one disabled adult.
•    Each year, HR Generalist Kathy Luro and her sisters dress up as Mrs. Claus and her elf helpers Jingle and Tingle and visit elementary school classes in Kathy’s community in Boynton Beach, FL, for underprivileged children.  Kathy and her sisters brought gifts for the children and sang songs.
•    Rather than having a holiday luncheon, the Quality and Customer Relations team at FSO pooled its resources to guy gifts for 60 women and their children living in a fulltime facility in Dallas. Each woman received 12 items in her gift bag and the team bought toys and books for the children.
•    For the second year, Leigh Arnold with center 0271 in Olathe, KS, has assisted someone less fortunate with the expense of adopting an animal from the local shelter.
•    The IT team at FSO gathered and donated nearly 7,500 pounds of food to the North Texas Food Bank.
•    Team members from seven Arizona centers worked with Express, Ground, Freight and Inside Sales to adopt 14 families. After each family created a “wish list” of items, the teams filled all the requests and hosted a holiday party for the families with Santa Claus and arts and crafts for the children.
•    Managers from District 26 assisted the Phoenix division of the Salvation Army to transcribe thousands of gift wishes from underprivileged children onto tags, which are displayed on Christmas Trees in shopping malls. FedEx Office managers produced more than 1,600 handwritten tags in just four hours.
•    Team members from District 78 worked with two teams from Freight and Express to adopt two families in need. After collecting donations, the teams went to the families’ homes with two FedEx Office vans loaded with clothes, canned goods, toys, books and turkey dinners.

Thank you to each team member who dedicated his or her time and resources this holiday season – you are truly a special person and setting a wonderful example for us all. We should all be thankful for what we have been given and consider what we may do to help those in need.

I hope you all had a happy holiday!


    Kathy Luro says:

    Each year my twin sister and I select two elementary classes in our community for under privilege kids. My twin sister plays Ms. Claus while I play her elf “Jingle”. We were excited that my older sister could join us this year as she lives in Georgia so she was “Tingle” the elf. We bring as many gifts as we can for the kids and spend about 30 minutes at each class room handing out gifts, singing songs and of course playing with the gifts. The kids are so cute and the smiles are their faces are priceless as I am sure you can imagine. What is heart wrenching is when we have to leave the classroom the kids just hug us and do not want to let go but we tell them that Santa is waiting for us to return to the north pole to give him an update on how they are behaving this year. I attached a few pictures just to give you a small visual or our experience.


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