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– Celebrating World Usability Day

November 14, 2013

Every year professionals around the world get together to talk about user experience and how to promote the values of user-centered design. We do this because we believe life can be improved with services and products that are easier to access and simpler to use.*


I was invited to my first FedEx sponsored World Usability Day (WUD) event the year before last. I was 100% energized by the ideas generated and beyond excited about the possibilities – the networking opportunities, the thought provoking speakers, and the lunch if you want to know the truth.


A room full of people talking about how to delight customers with good design was invigorating. Not that FedEx isn’t always thinking about how to make every experience outstanding, but to have such a concentrated discussion with over 200 speakers and participants passionate about the effort was electric, to say the least. I guess it also doesn’t hurt if you’re a UX nerd like me.


The next year, as the newest member of the dUX team myself, I was introducing speakers, and participating from the front lines. We had industry leaders presenting brilliant ideas on the main stage, and innovative startups running awesomely interactive break out sessions around the building. Folks were actually getting out of their seats, generating rich ideas full of spirit and enthusiasm. This doesn’t happen everyday, but it can. I’ve seen it and it’s thrilling.


This was my third year to attend and the fifth anniversary of the event for FedEx (the first official WUD was in 2005). Each year brings a more exciting, more impactful experience. While the FedEx dUX team hosts the event each year, it’s the wild participation from the community that brings it to life and makes it so worthwhile. If you’re lucky enough to get invited next year, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the opportunity, and stay tuned because we’re on a mission to grow this event each and every year. It’s our hope to reach every customer facing touch point we can, because the way to delight customers is by getting excited. And that excitement is contagious.



*Source: What is World Usability Day?


    Linda Feathers says:

    Thank you for your insight! Delighting customers is exciting and most contagious!

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