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Change Brings New Opportunities

November 3, 2010

The business world is changing fast – for instance, did you know that 67% of the world’s population has a mobile phone subscription?  That’s just one example of how success in business is all about taking advantage of opportunities – and change is what creates some of the best.

The latest FedEx global advertising campaign, “FedEx Delivers to a Changing World,’ points visitors to a website with intriguing kind of information needed to stay ahead of customers in a fast changing world.

The FedEx campaign, available in eight languages, highlights themes that energize the constantly evolving business world – Expansion, Service, Expertise, Sustainability and Education.

In collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit, the website,,  helps create a dialogue with the audience by engaging in real-time online polls about trends and guiding the viewer to the kinds of solutions FedEx offers to help navigate the worldwide business environment  

For the curious and camera-ready, there’s also a new 3D experience to explore.

When you checkout the website, you’ll encounter a spinning globe and morphing maps that visualize global business data to explore unique perspectives that may influence business strategy. Business leaders may be surprised to learn while the U.S. may have the greatest number of new businesses with 676,830, it is Indonesia which has the greatest number of small businesses at 43,341,800,  or that immigrants are more likely than native residents to own a small business.

So whether you’re in Brazil or Beijing, when new opportunities are created, the global network of FedEx is there to help you meet them.

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