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Meet FedEx’s Biggest Cheerleader

September 29, 2017

As a customer service representative at Toronto’s busy downtown location, Katie Kovacs works closely with her teammates to ensure that her customers are always happy. When she’s not at FedEx, she’s in the gym working with a completely different kind of team.

Katie is a competitive cheerleader, whose journey actually began in the world of gymnastics. When she was 15, she made the jump into cheerleading and hasn’t looked back since.

Watch Katie’s video to hear more of her story.


    Sharon Kennedy-gray says:

    Katie is a family member and l know how much she loves her jobs.She is very energetic.We all are very proud of her She loves her work and enjoys being busy.

    VB Joshi says:

    Very inspiring. My daughters love gymnastics and I showed them Katie’s video…they are motivated to see a fellow FedEx employee do things that they look up to. Thank you for the inspiration.

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