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China Badminton Team Packs a Powerful Swing

July 21, 2011

When asked what the most popular sport is in China, I would vote for Badminton.

Why? Because badminton has become a fun national sport that can be enjoyed amongst a wide range of people of all ages.
Simply speaking, this sport is played on a hard court divided by a net. It can be played either in singles or doubles with players using rackets to hit the shuttlecock. Sounds easy right? But it requires continuous movement, high reaction speed, and smooth coordination of your whole body.
China not only has a huge base of badminton followers, but also has a world-class national badminton team with a string of championships. The China Badminton Team is the first and the only team in the world to hold the championship titles of Thomas Cup, Uber Cup and Sudiman Cup. It also won three badminton gold medals, two slivers and two bronzes during the 2008 Olympics Games, much more than any other country in the world.
Why has the national team delivered numerous wonderful performances? Because the team strives to be No.1 all the time and always keeps their commitment to their fans. Just like one of their proud sponsors – FedEx China.
Since 2006, FedEx has been the sponsor of the China Badminton Team. This hugely successful relationship has already represented the excellent passion of speed, accuracy and leadership shared by both parties. As a leading express provider in China, FedEx is committed to providing its customers with fast, reliable service through its excellent work. In the future, both FedEx and the China Badminton team will continue to receive more achievements in their respective fields, and achieve mutual success through some joint events and community activities.
For FedEx, the company will keep on seeking ways to improve its international and domestic service in the second half of the year. As for the China Badminton Team, the approaching Badminton World Federation (BWF) in August should be another excited moment for fans.


    MayLyn says:

    I love watching the china badminton team! They are so much fun to watch! I also enjoy playing badminton but I’m not as good as them but the more you do it the better you get at it! I’m so grateful that fedEx is there sponsor! That makes it even better!

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