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Citizenship 101 – Part 1

February 18, 2009

Part of my role at FedEx is to lead the development of our Global Citizenship Report (GCR). Hopefully, you have seen this report and have been able to review some of the many initiatives that we participate in and track. The report is broken down into four main “pillars”.

1. Economics & Access

2. Environment & Efficiency

3. Community & Disaster Relief

4. People & Workplace

If you have been following the various blogs posted on this site, you know that we cover a myriad of topics which span all of these broad pillars. For my part I will be focusing on environmental issues pertaining to FedEx. My purpose is to help you understand our data and what we are doing to minimize our environmental impact while maintaining shareowner value and fortifying our outstanding reputation for customer service.

Over the next few weeks I will walk you through certain aspects of the report so that you can understand where we are, where we plan to go, and how we plan to get there.

In my next posting, I will begin our dialogue with a discussion about baselines.


    David Supple says:

    Mr. Vieira,
    I found the FedEx 2008 Global Citizenship Report was very interesting. My compnay uses FedEx’s services to move parcel packages every day. Our expecation is that FedEx will get our goods delivered to the right place on time every time. I was impressed with FedEx’s high level of corporate responsibilty to so many worthy causes around the world many of which seem to be unrelated to moving freight. The Safe Kids Worldwide program is fantastic.
    Keep up the good work of making the world a better and safer place every day.

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