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Citizenship (cont.)

May 1, 2009

For many years, we have studied our operations at FedEx to determine how we can preserve service levels while minimizing fuel usage and environmental impact.

We have always viewed our sustainability efforts as good for the company and good for the environment. Using FY05 as a baseline year, we normalized this data and gave ourselves a starting point to measure against , with our most ambitious goals to reduce aircraft CO2 emissions 20% by 2020, and to improve our average MPG in our Express delivery vehicles by 20% in that same timeframe.

On pages 24-39 of the FedEx 2008 GCR we layout our current environmental initiatives, including our efforts in the areas of hybrid vehicles, solar power, recycling of waste, noise reduction, etc.

I also recommend reading the blogs posted by our Corporate Sustainability Director, Mitch Jackson, who discusses our data while also providing excellent thought leadership on environmental strategy.

As you review our environmental information keep in mind that our goal is two-fold:

(1) maintain our high service levels; and
(2) run our business effficiently while minimizing environmental impact.

We are proud or our sustainability efforts and of our entire CSR program.

For those of you that are interested in determining your personal GHG baselines, a number of calculators exist that can help you.

For starters I recommend this link, it’s a calculator allows you approximate your personal carbon footprint—very informative.

To maximize the utility of this calculator have the following items handy:

(a)    your latest utility bills
(b)   mpg for the vehicles you drive
(c)    how many miles you drive each vehicle over the course of a year

Punch in your numbers. The results may surprise you.

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