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Helping the Homeless in Bogotá, Colombia

February 14, 2017

Padre Ramón Giraldo was dedicated to his parishioners in Bogotá, Colombia. In addition to healing their souls, he gave food to those in need.

But the Padre noticed something.

There was one group that came almost every day for meals. All of them were older or disabled and long forgotten by their families. They would eat, then leave the church to sleep on the streets of Bogotá.

It weighed heavy on his heart to see them go, to brave the elements with no place to stay, many falling prey to criminals. He knew it was his calling to do something and in 2004, the Padre asked them to live with him.

That was the birth of the Santa María de Guadalupe Home for people with disabilities and the elderly.

In 2014 they moved to the countryside for fresh air and more space. Today, more than 50 people now call the Parcelas neighborhood, just outside of Bogotá, home.

The FedEx Express team in Colombia knew that Padre Ramón relies on individuals and corporations to help, so they went to work.

See how the team’s Community Relations Board, part of the FedEx Entrega program under FedEx Cares, helps Padre Ramón and other organizations make a difference in Bogotá.

Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia
Homeless in Colombia


    GUS says:

    Thank you for sharing wealth and giving people another chance in life. Hope you keep sharing. We all may fall one day and we hope somebody with financial capabilities can be there to give a little support.

    keep it strong!!

    mary ann schott says:

    Tell me how I can contribute to this cause.

    yuly arce says:

    great! im so proud of being part of the fedex family!!

    Bill Kennedy says:

    My wife taught in Columbia in an American School in Bogata for 2 years. I will have to share this great story with her.

    Dinorah says:

    Great job no human being should be forgotten and homeless keep on making your community and the world a better place. Bravo for making a difference.

    Cathleen Martins says:

    Giving and helping the wonderful people in Bogota, Colombia enriches everyone’s lives. Great job and keep up the valuable efforts in helping in the communities!

    Leon Guerrero says:

    Que buena iniciativa de los compañeros del hermano país, me llena de satisfacción ver que estas personas reciben este tipo de apoyo, y a su vez la sincera muestra de cariño que demostramos, gran trabajo…



    Claudette Turnbull-Oviahon says:

    It causes me great pain whenever I observe anyone in this condition & that’s why I think each of us who are blessed with much should always reach to the less fortunate. It touches my heart to see the caring & sharing of such a great Corporation as FedEx who promotes the importance of giving back in some way to the community. Hebrews 13:16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Bravo FedEx Colombia! God bless your Team!

    Tina Blackwell says:

    It really hurts my soul to see people living in such horrible conditions, but it helps knowing FedEx and others are making a difference to those less fortunate. Thanks FedEx.

    nahid deshmukh says:

    great! im so proud of being part of the fedex family

    Jim Capps says:

    So proud to be a part of a company that gives back in so many ways. Helping this home in Bogotá shows we really do care about people! Bravo! …and thank you Padre Giraldo for showing the love of God in a very practical and needed way!

    Diego Salazar says:

    Good job ! im so proud of being part of the fedex family

    Gloria Valdiri says:

    As a proud member of the FedEx team, there are no words to express my appreciation for always giving back to the community. Another perfect example of our Purple Promise!

    Veronica Corrales says:

    This is Great! my Husband work for this Wonderful Co. & he is Colombia too, We will be very happy to help if please let us know. Thank you so much <3

    James Wardlow says:

    Excellent piece on our community efforts in Bogota.

    jesus soto says:

    buen ejemplo de nuestros hermanos en colombia ayundando a quienes mas lo necesitan.mis mas sinceras felicitaciones gracias familia fedex

    Jessica Tejeda says:

    WOW! Im so proud of you! This is so
    inspiring 😀

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