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Community Support

November 22, 2008

One of our core values at FedEx is community involvement.  One of the ways FedEx gets involved is through our support of the United Way.  At FedEx, we ensure every new employee understands as a member of FedEx we want you to get involved.  We encourage you to make a difference just like FedEx makes a difference in each of our lives.

At the HUB, we have about 8,000 employees who “handle” packages.  Most of these are part time employees working less than 20 hours per week.  We just completed our annual United Way drive and for the HUB alone we raised over $500,000.

Last week I was meeting with one of my team members.  She is a single parent, and a part time employee. Her youngest son is autistic.  Fortunately, she is the beneficiary of some day care tutoring for her toddler provided from a United Way Agency.   She said she has never told anyone, she has never spoken up for United Way.  But on this one night, her manager was reminding the workgroup of the United Way campaign.  She asked if she could say something and she told them about her son.  She said after she spoke everyone signed up to give.   It was another great day to be a FedEx employee.

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