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FedEx Blog

Corporate Culture vs. Social Media

November 24, 2008

If you want to learn a lot about a corporate culture, go through the process of launching a corporate blog.  Successful companies often become successful because they have strong cultures based on command and control – emphasis on control.  It’s all about process, approval, calculating risk and measuring outcomes.  That does not always jive well with social media.

FedEx is one such company — if the idea of losing control is scary then the idea of a blog has the makings of a nightmare!

Of course, we all want transparency and we all understand that the world has high expectations for a company like FedEx. But change is never easy in any organization and when you are an organization built on “Absolutely, Positively”, perfection is not an unreasonable expectation.

Time will tell how well we’ll do, but whatever happens it will be with the best of intentions.

The blog team could not be more excited about the adventure that we are on and we look forward to sharing the ride with you.

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