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Courier Catches the Social Spotlight After Customer Care Caught on Video

September 26, 2014

After 24 years on the job, FedEx Express courier Dennis Biggs thinks of the HNB station in Indianapolis as home. As he walked into the station on a recent morning, he was told he was now famous.

“Biggs”, he recalls a fellow courier saying, “You’re famous for shaking a rug.” Dennis said he didn’t know what to think.

A customer on his route had posted a video on Facebook of a delivery that week, made during a day-long torrential downpour, resulting in flash-flood warnings. The video shows Dennis delivering a package to the doorstep of a home and ringing the doorbell. While he waits and it becomes apparent that the customer isn’t home, he picks up the door mat, shakes the rain from it, and places it over the top of the box for protection.

“Dear FedEx delivery guy who comes to Heritage Lake,” Brian Ervin posted on his Facebook  page that evening along with supporting video. “I know that you most likely will not see this, but I thank you anyways. The fact that you actually took time to double back and place the rubber mat over the top of my delivered package to protect it from the heavy and blowing rain today tells me that you really do care about your job and your customers.”

Dennis had to wait to get home and have his daughter show him the video and comments on Facebook. “Anytime you get a thank you, you always feel good,” he said. “But when you think about it, this is really what we do. This is the only station I have ever known and everyone here goes above and beyond every day. I was just caught doing my job.”

At FedEx, we have a motto we all share, the Purple Promise, which states, “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.” On a day that saw severe weather warnings, Dennis Biggs never lost sight of that.

“Once I get my truck set up every day, I am ready to go. I’m really here to serve our customers and do the job right, day in and day out. That’s what we do at FedEx,” Dennis said.



    Carla Dagnel says:

    Great job Dennis. We all should be delivering the purple promise. Bravo Zulu

    Anne Germino says:

    Sometimes it’s those seeminly insignificant things at the time that matter the most. It’s nice to see your hard work and dedication to your job in the spotlight.

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