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Cycling California for a Cause

June 22, 2012

Our FedEx team just finished a 545-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This is my sixth year of riding, and the fabulous views of the California coast and valleys seem fresh and new every year. Most important, we do it for a good cause – raising funds to combat HIV/AIDS.

FedEx has supported the AIDS/Lifecycle ride for seven years now. My friend and teammate at Express, Louie Butler, has made the ride all seven years; I’m still sorry that I had to miss one. Since the first year the FedEx team has grown from Louie and me to more than 30 riders and roadies and is now supported by Express, Ground, Freight, Office, and Services.

We ran into a day of rain this year, but generally the weather was great.  What was even greater was the spirit among the more than 2,200 riders from all walks of life who together raised more than $12.6 million to support HIV/AIDS services provided by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Our FedEx Team contributed around $200,000, half of it in cash and in-kind service donations from FedEx, and half directly raised by our team members in supporting contributions from friends and family. Since we started, our total gifts have exceeded $1 million.

Our FedEx team has made a lot of friends on these rides. We’re glad to provide shipping services en route, including the very mundane (but appreciated) ability to send dirty clothes home. Believe me, toward the end of the ride, every pound you’re carrying can make a difference. We also handled shipping bikes at the end of the ride, thanks to support from Joe Machado and his managers from the Customer Experience Group.

Some of us still have reminders of the ride, in the form of sore muscles, but we’re already thinking of next year. So are others at FedEx who want to join in; we hope to build our team to more than 40.


    MayLyn says:

    I want to say congrats to the FedEx team members for a wonderful 545 mile bycicle ride finish! I’m so grateful to be a FedEx team member and volunteer at FedEx for these good causes! I enjoy doing what I do at FedEx and I want to thank each and every one of you!

    jose says:

    I had a great time, looking forward for my next one.
    thank you for everything

    Guy Watson says:

    May I thank all those involved in raising funds for HIV/AIDS. I recently visited my Mum in Durban, South Africa, only to discover that her handyman/gardener has recently been diagnosed with HIV. On behalf of Cyril Cele, thank you for your selfless dedication for raising funds for such a worthy cause. Cyril may not be directly relieved by the funds you raised but without the drugs he is on he would be seroiusly ill or dead. I’m proud to be an employee of Fedex.

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