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The Logistics of Handbags and Fashion

February 7, 2017

New York City is synonymous with a busy lifestyle. Wherever people go, they carry a lot of important items — everything from laptops and water bottles to cell phones, MetroCards, keys and more. With so much to do, and carry, the co-founders of Dagne Dover realized that people needed “the perfect bag” to help them stay organized.

“We started Dagne Dover because there was no handbag brand that addressed our lifestyles,” explains Melissa Mash, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Dagne Dover. “There was a real need in the market for a brand that not only provided a beautiful product, but also interior functionality and smart design, in addition to a really compelling price point and a minimally branded aesthetic.”

Dagne Dover is a female-founded, millennial company based in New York City. Since launching in 2013, they have grown quickly — almost exclusively through e-commerce. With an organized design and appealing aesthetic, Dagne Dover handbags continue to earn customer loyalty online.

“E-commerce is our main touchpoint with our customers. It’s how we engage with them,” says Deepa Gandhi, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Dagne Dover. “It’s how we deliver the Dagne Dover experience to them, and making sure that we provide a fantastic end experience to our customer is paramount.”

In order to keep pace with growth, Dagne Dover looked to fulfillment companies that could help them deliver the service their customers had come to expect. “We needed a company that understood everything from a seamless checkout process to a beautiful unboxing for our customer to an easy returns experience,” Deepa explains. “FedEx understood every single part of that.”

Dagne Dover turned to FedEx® Fulfillment to support their e-commerce growth and solve their complex supply chain challenges. Now, once a Dagne Dover product is designed, created and arrives in the U.S., FedEx Fulfillment handles the logistics the rest of the way, providing a seamless e-commerce experience for Dagne Dover customers — from the initial online order all the way through a potential return.

Learn more about the Dagne Dover story by watching the video above. You can also read about how FedEx® Fulfillment continues to help Dagne Dover by reading the full case study.

Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover


    Paul Hudson says:

    This was a great video presentation and makes me proud to be part of FedEx.

    Parris Moore says:

    Did we produce this great video or did we hire an outside contactor?

    Tammy says:

    I would like to know more about this, please email me specifics.

    Diane Reschke says:

    Incredible success story and proud that FedEx was a large part of it.

    Stuart Wood says:

    really good to see how big Fashion is within FedEx,

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