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Daydream in Green!

April 27, 2012

The children of FedEx Freight employees were asked to do just that for the Daydream in Green! art contest in support of Earth Day. The submitted artwork was colorful, creative, and illustrated a ton of talent, but most of all, it was inspiring. These children understood that creating a more sustainable future requires us to recycle, use alternative forms of energy, plant trees and always take care of the world. 

The Daydream in Green! art contest kicked off Earth Week activities at FedEx Freight. During Earth Week, many locations provided their employees with information on the FedEx Freight EarthSmart @ Work programs:

  • Local Environmental Action Facilitators (LEAFs) who lead their locations’ efforts to reduce environmental impact through implementation of education, programs and campaigns.
  • Green Site certification program which recognizes FedEx Freight locations that have implemented specific, measureable actions to conserve resources.
  • Energy and Waste Watch programs that include conservation efforts to reduce and reuse resources.

These are programs where employees make a difference and help reduce our environmental impact throughout the year because every day is Earth Day.


    MayLyn says:

    It is so wonderful that these kids got to do this! FedEx always has the most wonderful programs for volunteers, workers and kids as well! I so enjoyed reading this and seeing what wonderful artwork that these kids did! Thank you Lisa Watkins for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brandon Lancaster says:

    Great work by these kids! Very colorful and imaginative.

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