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Deliveries: When You Want Them

April 23, 2013

How many times have you found yourself coming home to a door tag for a missed delivery or rearranged your busy schedule to wait at home for an important package? Well, for FedEx customers, those days are over. 

Today we introduce FedEx Delivery Manager — options designed to give you the ability to customize deliveries coming to your home. FedEx Delivery Manager is free to sign-up and available through multiple digital platforms – including a free mobile app – giving you visibility to incoming deliveries. Simply sign-up at to easily see when deliveries are on the way to your home. No tracking or account number needed. 

Need to reschedule the delivery day? No problem. Can’t be home for the delivery but need your shipment? Request FedEx to deliver it to your office location. Best of all, you are not locked into a premium-priced membership with FedEx Delivery Manager. Many of our options, such as a request to hold at a nearby FedEx location, are free. You only need to pay for delivery options when you need them.

Let us change our plans, not yours. Visit


    Kelly Ray says:

    We truly wish that FedEx would adhere to the wishes of the shipper in delivering packages the way we request them to be delivered or at least contact the shipper if you deliver our packages differently. After all we are paying for the service. This is becoming very distrubing.

    FedEx says:

    Thank you for sharing your concerns and please be assured we have solutions in place to address them. Your experience as a shipper is important to us. We will reach out to you directly to discuss further.

    Edith says:

    After I received the first delivery tag on Monday, I scheduled the next delivery for Thursday, today, between 12:00 – 2:00. Of course there was a delivery tag on the front door yesterday! Who is managing this delivery? I’ll be here between 12:00 – 2:00, will you show up?

    Edith says:

    It seems, by happy circumstance, my delivery arrived as requested.

    Martin Albert says:

    Most of my package come from the US. I wish I could use Delivery Manager here in Canada to at least know that a package have been sent to me. UPS has this service I get an email or notification when someone send something to my address (with no additional action from their part). That is fantastic.

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