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Delivering History: The search for Amelia Earhart’s long lost plane

July 2, 2012

Seventy five years ago, Amelia Earhart’s disappearance became one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Now, FedEx is supporting the search for answers with the transportation of underwater investigative equipment set for use by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) in its July 2012 Earhart Project expedition aboard the Ka’imikai-o-Kanaloa. Even the Discovery Channel is on board the ship as the TIGHAR searches for answers to this mystery.

*TIGHAR’s expedition blog (Also check out TIGHAR’s expedition info site)
*From NBC Nightly News: High-tech search for Amelia Earhart’s plane
*From MSNBC: Robots to join hunt for wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s plane
*From RedOrbit: TIGHAR’s Earhart Project Readies with Ambitious Support from FedEx



    MayLyn says:

    It is so wonderful to read all of the wonderful things that FedEx has done in history and still is doing so many wonderful things that I;m grateful to be apart as a FedEx volunteer.

    Megan Hershberger says:

    So great that FedEx can be a part of such historical, relevant research!

    akosua haynea says:

    fedex shall be honored willgo down in history if if fedex finds it!

    Richard Siciliano says:

    I am a FedEx employee, and a member of TIGHAR since 1987. I am so proud of my company’s ongoing efforts to support this group and their quest to find the final answer to what happened to Ms. Earhart

    Richard Siciliano says:

    I’m a FedEx employee, and a TIGHAR member since 1987. FedEx has supported TIGHAR for many years now, and I’m very proud that my company realizes the importance of this project and solving one of the great aviation riddles.

    Michael Gibson says:

    Being an avid aircraft history enthusiast, sociologist and 8-yr. employee of FedEx, I am thrilled that our great company is helping to perhaps finally solve this tragic, yet heroic chapter in aviation and world history in partnership with TIGHAR. I would be happy and honored to lend my research, coordination and/or any other skills and time in this fantastic venture. Bravo Zulu teams!

    Terry R. Elliott says:

    Kudos to Fred Smith and the management team. The kind of social involvement that more A level companies should emulate.

    Alfred Schrader says:

    About 5 blocks from where I grew up in Miami
    is Masters Airfield, an abandoned Marine airfield. Before it was taken over by the Marines for the war, it was Miami Municipal Airport. Amelia Earhart started her famous last flight from the runway at MMA. There might still be some clues there, a place where I tested rockets as a boy in the 1960’s…..Al-

    SRJ says:

    I’m glad FedEx is helping TIGHAR with this latest expedition. Ric Gillespie’s nonprofit is a bare-bones operation that leans on volunteers and contributors to accomplish its mission. But no volunteer can haul thousands of pounds of cargo to the Central Pacific. FedEx is leveraging their expertise and services in the right way.
    I’m not an employee of FedEx or a member of TIGHAR – I’m just a fan of companies doing the right thing when they can.

    Bridget G. says:

    Thanks FedEx!

    Tina says:

    Kudos to Fedex! This is just another reason to love this company, I love the way when a package is coming by them almost every move the package makes is tracked. Wish I was lucky enough to work there.

    Lawrence says:

    I have been covering this project for the past several weeks. Here is my latest update on the story and you can find more, including two that cover FedEx’s role in the project on

    Kathryn Storino says:

    It is wonderful that FedEx can be a part of this! I love working for this company and applaud all the great things they do ^_^

    Jason says:

    I had no idea that they found her plane. I would love to go see it someday. I love learning about the history of airplanes.


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