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Delivering Hope to Abandoned Puppies

March 27, 2019

FedEx courier“At first I just thought someone was littering,” says Ramon Hill.

The FedEx Express courier, a 23-year veteran at the company, was making his usual rounds on a rainy December day through the Dallas metro area, about midway through his 10-hour shift. Ahead of him in the gloom, he saw a black pickup truck. The driver slowed without stopping, the passenger door opened, and a large box flew out. It missed the curb and landed on the grass before toppling over, lid popping open.

A few moments later Hill passed the same spot and glanced at the discarded box. To his shock, the contents spilling out were three puppies, wriggling and stumbling around in the wet gutter. “It breaks your heart to see something like that,” he says.

As a dog owner and animal lover, his first instinct was to help the puppies. But his next delivery was an urgent one: An elderly customer needed her prescription medication. Thinking fast, he pulled over and righted the box, returning the puppies — who were starting to shiver from the rain — to their makeshift shelter. He reclosed the top and poked air holes in the sides. “I was going to take a break after I delivered the lady’s meds and get right back to them,” he says.

Once the prescription was safely in his customer’s hands, he made his way back toward the puppies’ location. Before he got there, as luck would have it, he spotted a van from the local Balch Springs Shelter parked by the side of the road. Hill stopped and jumped out of his van.

“I think I scared the guy at first because I was so upset,” Hill laughs. “I told him the situation and that if he had something more urgent to take care of, I’d go get the puppies myself. But he said he was about to go on break himself.” Hill gave the animal control officer the location and the man took off before Hill could even get back in his own vehicle. By the time he returned to the spot, the officer was closing up his van. “He drove off before I could even go and talk to him,” Hill says. “But as long as the dogs were taken care of, I was cool. So I just went back to delivering packages.”

Back at Balch Springs Shelter, the puppies — luckily unhurt by their ordeal — were examined and cared for. “That driver did everything perfectly by notifying the proper channel,” says Animal Services Supervisor Vanessa Keeton. “We were very thankful.” She and her staff wished they knew the FedEx courier who had saved them, but in his haste the officer had forgotten to ask his name.

Keeton worked with a nonprofit called Pets Going Places, which transports dogs from overcrowded shelters in Dallas to states with a higher need for dogs. Pets Going Places contacted Fetch Wisconsin, a nonprofit animal rescue organization. Once Fetch had secured foster placements for the three dogs, they were transported to Wisconsin to await their forever homes.


About six weeks after first spotting the puppies, Hill got to learn what happened to them when the same animal control officer flagged him down. “He said he’d been looking for me ever since!” Hill says. “I told him I was just doing what I was supposed to be doing. No accolades were necessary.”

Luciana Gomez, board member for Pets Going Places, disagrees. “The fact that he stopped in the middle of his day to do this shows that he’s a really kind person. He got these puppies to a safe place. I don’t know if they would have survived otherwise, so that action made such a difference.”

Not only did they survive, the puppies — named Ursula, Carrie and Fredex — are happily settled in foster homes in Wisconsin, with adoptions already on the horizon.


    Alana Wright says:

    Look at that face…who could throw that precious little buddy away. So glad that he was there to make sure that they puppies got taken care of.

    Ellen Muck says:


    Gail says:

    Hi Ramon…This PAWSITIVE THANKS is coming all the way from Canada for what you did to help these little ones.

    Hope you have a fedexcellent day 🙂

    Natalie says:

    I am amazed and so pleased to read such with hope that all of us would STOP and help ANIMALS in need!

    Mary says:

    Bravo Ramon Hill! I love this story. It’s the small kindnesses like this that really matter. And we now have a puppy named FredEx. It gets no better :).

    Michele says:

    You are an Angel, we need more people like you , that person that dumped those poor little puppies should be ashamed, thanks for saving them, Michele

    Pamela Bernbaum says:

    What a wonderful, uplifting, story! Kudos to everyone involved in rescuing those pups – especially to the Courier, Ramon Hill.

    Raquel Gollatz says:

    Way to go Ramon,You did something so selfless and compassionate.The driver of the pickup should be arrested for cruelty to those helpless, adorable puppies. Thank God you came across them. Bravo

    Kim Donnelly says:

    God Bless you for stopping and saving those puppies. Your an angel and I so love that you gave them a second chance. For the person that dumped them. I hope he does not get a second chance. Thank you!

    Dale Rollins says:

    such a great heartwarming story to remember. glad to know the pups were saved in good hands.

    Sherrill says:

    Dear Ramon,

    Just a big thank you from another animal lover for helping those puppies, your story just made my day

    diedre parish says:

    this was an amazing story, thank God for kind people who truly care for others, especially animals, I salute this gentlemen for a job well done, God bless you!

    Susan Casey says:

    What a wonderful, heartwarming story. Ramon, thank you for taking the time to show kindness to these furry friends.

    Chip says:

    Great heart warming story! Ramon and fellow team members like him worldwide help keep FedEx on top of “The World’s Most Admired Companies” list!

    Linda Neuy says:

    Kudos to Ramon Hill and all the people who contributed to the rescue and future placement of these puppies. There are truly more good people in the world than the news leads us to believe.

    Marlene says:

    Ramon you made a difference in big ways. Thank you for serving with a willing heart. Well Done!

    clay says:

    im a courier out of Fort Worth and that is awesome

    Deborah Connors says:

    Thank you Mr Hill for saving those three lives. You are a hero!!

    Melisa Moore says:

    Thank you, Ramon!

    Anonymous says:

    You’re a good man Ramon Hill! Glad your on our team!

    Michael Knoy says:

    Mans best Freind !

    Good Job !

    jasmine says:

    that’s really heartwarming! i recently joined FedEx team and I’ve been volunteering for an animal rescue organisation for the last 4 years. what i just read made me very proud, thanks Ramon Hill 🙂

    Angie Murdock says:

    Love love love this!!!! Showing the FedEx Spirit!!!

    Joady Willis says:

    Thank you Ramon for caring and saving those lives!!

    Terry says:

    Thank you Ramon. This is a real heart warmer that the puppies were rescued.

    Anonymous says:

    Amazing, Thank you for your kindness.

    John Duchon says:

    So hard to understand how puppies could be discarded like that but so happy they were taken care of!

    June says:

    Way to Go Mr. Hill…Kindness and compassion are still win in this world!!!

    Janet Mills says:

    I am an animal lover too. I am so happy that you took the time to save them. I am not sure what is wrong with people when it would have been so easy to drop them at shelter.

    Thank you so much!

    David Lusk says:

    Well done Ramon. Proud of you for your humane actions.
    “Life is Dear for All Creatures”
    Dalai Lama

    Jenny McCarthy says:

    Well done, Ramon!

    Kimberly says:

    Great story and thanks for the human kindness 🙂

    Anthony Hochstetler says:

    Way to go! Its just sad! There is many organizations that are available for animals instead of acts like that. Its a shame the individuals who did that couldn’t have been prosecuted.

    A.Internicola says:

    Great job…Have helped many a stray or injured animal on the job myself. A few I could not save. Next time Take the box with you. You were lucky they were still there. You can’t rely on what somebody else is going to do or not do.

    Timothy Newell says:

    Thank you Damon, for making every Puppy experience outstanding.

    Deb Honeyman says:

    Awesome job Ramon! Thank you so much for this and I am glad Ursula, Carrie and Fredex are doing great.

    chris says:

    I work for FedEx in WI and I don’t need another dog but would be interested if they don’t get adopted

    Terri Bell says:

    This is GREAT! I did not know FedEx served in this capacity!

    Frank Cherichella says:

    Ramon, Thanks for caring. God Bless You.
    I like one of the pups names, Fredex !!
    Looks like a mix, possibly a Bernese Mountain Dog. My friend had one.
    Wonderful with families and instinctive good herders for cattle/sheep.

    Kira says:

    Amazing! Thank you for saving these babies!

    Patricia Pitera says:

    What a beautiful and emotional story, it almost makes me cry. Congratulations Hill and God bless you!!!

    Anonymous says:

    thank you for saving the puppies. i’m glad they are getting good homes.

    Cathy Dawson says:

    Bless You!!!!

    Olinda Gurson says:

    Well done Ramon. I too am an animal lover in Mumbai, India. Take care and feed a few strays. Heart shudders to imagine what would have happened to these sweet babies. But trust God sends Angels in disguise. Keep up the good that you do. Will always be blessed.

    Perry says:

    What an awesome story! How do I go about adopting one?

    Natalie says:

    FedEx is awesome for commending its drivers to do what’s right, even if it is not in the job description. Goodwill in the community will keep business growing rather than speeding to the next delivery.
    Kudos to you and Ramon!

    Tammy says:

    It’s refreshing to see people who are truly compassionate and care not only for others but animals as well. I think one of those puppies should have been named Ramone. Nice job Ramone! All acts of kindness are rewarded don’t forget that.

    Jan says:

    Ramon, You are a special person. Thank you for being kind and doing the right thing. You helped save 3 little lives!

    Luis Gonzalez says:

    You the man bro

    rayner moench says:

    The Purple Promise for Paws!!

    Denise says:

    I am in rescue, I transport dogs and cats, trudge thru “the hood” to check the welfare of dogs on chains that are used to pull cars out of ditches, and I volunteer at our local animal shelter. I have five dogs myself, two of them foster fails! Reading this story made my heart so happy!! Thank you from this rescuer and all the other rescuers out here!! Be careful…it gets in your blood!!

    PJ says:

    The puppy is so cute! Ramon, you are indeed a paw patrol!

    Yavonne says:

    Thank you. You’ve saved 3 lives and enriched the lives of a few families.

    MARIA OLANYK says:

    Great job Ramon!
    You have a God giving loving heart. May “The Lord bless you and keep you”

    Luis Gonzalez says:

    You’re quite the individual, kudos to you good sir. God Bless #FedEx4Lyf3

    Susan A. Smith says:

    God Bless you and Thank you for being so kind and an awesome delivery driver 🙂

    Mechelle says:

    All of my dogs, have been rescue dogs. Just took in two cats, who were freezing in the back woods. I would adopt them all. The way you treat God’s creatures, who he gave you domain over them?

    Thank you for stepping up.

    Cindy says:

    So sweet. Thank goodness there are people who step up to do tge right thing when others choose not to. Precious little puppy. ❤️

    CHANTEL says:

    Kudos!!! More people should have compassion for animals the way that you do!!

    Tracy Gordon says:

    I really love that you cared enough to stop, make them safe, then return after your job was done. What a lovely story that captures the FedEx spirit and caring culture.

    Carolyn says:

    Our society has become very disposable, even with lives. Heartwarming to hear about your story Ramon.

    Charlie says:

    Ramon – you’re a star! As an animal lover (dogs especially), I find their abuse totally abhorrent and unacceptable. I hope the moron that discarded them rots in hell!

    Michael Bielskis says:

    God bless you, Ramon. Your act of kindness truly reflects the type of human being your are. Honored to call you a colleague.

    Thanks for saving those beautiful pups!

    Sharika Vales says:

    Great job!!!! I wish I could have that precious puppy.

    Patricia says:

    Not only delivering packages but an additional and glorious “eyes and guardians of what goes in around them”, these drivers note and observe the good and bad out there. They are couriers but also can be guardian angels too. This FedEx courier was and is one of the Guardian Angels of the road.
    For this we thank you.

    YaYa says:

    I met the guy and the girl that adopted one of them! How bout that? 🙂

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