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April 5, 2011

This past March the Indianapolis Ramp Transport FedEx facility was a scene of budding daffodils as FedEx employees gathered to help the American Cancer Society launch Daffodil Days, their annual spring fundraiser.

In the middle of the action was Paul Aust, FedEx Express Dispatcher who just celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company. I marvel at Paul’s attention to detail when it comes to our community volunteer programs. Three years ago we first met with the American Cancer Society to see how we could help support them. Today, to their amazement, we now run the entire Daffodil Days operation from our Hanna Road facility, a far more efficient operation.

Paul and fellow dispatcher Nick Miller used their FedEx expertise, designing a sort layout plan and scheduling 350 daffodil deliveries to sync up with existing delivery schedules.

I asked Paul what makes him so passionate about supporting our Indianapolis volunteer programs: “I am committed to FedEx, whether its delivering packages or delivering corporate citizenship,” he told me. Paul is one of many dedicated FedEx employee volunteers who donate thousands of hours a year throughout Central Indiana and have made FedEx a name known for corporate social responsibility.

FedEx operations in several states including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California are also bringing their FedEx spirit and expertise to Daffodil Days programs in their states. We salute them all.


    Karen V says:

    The American Cancer Society is grateful for all that FedEx does to make Daffodil Days a great success in Central Indiana — you make delivering more than 180,000 flowers such a seamless process!

    Jodi Pickens says:

    The American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days is an opportunity to help find a cure for cancer and save lives. The dollars raised through Daffodil Days support the American Cancer Society’s groundbreaking research, education, early detection efforts, advocacy, and local patient services.

    It is because of the outstanding partnership the American Cancer Society has with FedEx that, together, we can bring Daffodil Days to Central Indiana. Over the course of the past three years, Paul, Nick, Paula and the team at FedEx have made Daffodil Days of Central Indiana a growing success!

    This year we were able to deliver over 180,000 beautiful yellow blooms…each of which symbolizes hope for cancer patients and their loved ones for renewed life and a cancer-free world! For the American Cancer Society, the FedEx partnership goes well beyond corporate social responsibility…it is about saving lives!

    Thank you to everyone at FedEx and we at the American Cancer Society look forward to where our partnership can take Daffodil Days in the future!

    Robin Damm says:

    This was just one more way that Fedex empolyees had the opportunity to give back in the community we work in. It required only a few hours of our time for a significant contribution to an excellent cause. I love that Fedex is so involved in our communities and offers these types of opportunities. It bonds the employees in ways that can not be duplicated in only a daily work environment. The winners are the community, the cause, the individual employees as well as the Corporation as a whole!

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