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Delivering Thanks 2016

November 10, 2016

We’re delivering thanks to some of our amazing team members who have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors in times of need.

People First Philosophy | Lifesaving Actions | Going the Extra Mile | Commitment to Success

People First Philosophy

Daniel Andres – Wisconsin

Military support receives national attention

Daniel AndresFedEx Ground Senior Human Resources Business Partner Dan Andres is a passionate advocate for team members who serve in the military and works with operations to manage scheduling, training and time away for these team members. His support of team members who serve in the National Guard and Reserve earned the New Berlin, Wisconsin, FedEx SmartPost Hub a 2015 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award. Dan actively helps veterans find employment by working with the Milwaukee County Office of Veterans Affairs, attending job fairs for veterans and giving FedEx Ground hub tours to groups or individuals. Through these tours, Dan helps educate potential team members about FedEx Ground and helps individuals who use a wheelchair, prosthesis or other mobility device, or who may have limited vision or hearing, to better see themselves in operational roles.

Christopher Burroughs-Crawford – North Carolina

Everyday angel helps customer with limited mobility 

The extra effort of Charlotte, North Carolina-based FedEx Ground Operations Admin II Chris Burroughs-Crawford made him an angel in the eyes of one customer with limited mobility. When several heavy boxes were delivered near her home’s front stairs, this customer contacted FedEx Customer Service and eventually spoke with Chris. Determined to help, Chris offered to stop by after work to move the packages into her home. The woman was so moved by Chris’ response, she wrote a letter to the editor of The Charlotte Observer newspaper. In it, the customer praised Chris “for being my everyday angel.”

Max Carroll – California

Quick thinking prevents financial scam

FedEx Express Courier Max Carroll arrived at a local senior community in Menlo Park, California, to pick up a shipment from an elderly resident. Upon arrival, the resident handed Max a white envelope. As Max completed the airway bill information, he asked for a shipment address and telephone number. The customer presented a letter claiming the resident had received a $2.5 million dollar prize. Suspicious, Max then asked the resident if the envelope contained cash, but the customer denied the inclusion of cash in the envelope. Max accepted the shipment, returned to the station and notified his operations manager. FedEx Security was notified, too, and it was determined that the envelope contained $5,900 in $100 dollar bills. Security returned to the senior community with the package and met with the resident who had requested the shipment. The elderly customer was completely unaware that she was sending money to a fraudulent company. Due to Max’s diligence and persistence, the customer’s best interests were served.

Steven Mazuchowski – Ohio

Driver’s concern leads to child’s reunion with parents

Steve noticed a small child with a dog walking along the side of the road. He pulled over to check on the child, and ultimately learned that the child was lost. After the police were contacted, the child and the dog were reunited with the child’s parent. Steve’s instinct to help is a reflection of his genuine concern, and these actions also demonstrate initiative and courage. He took the time to get involved and made a difference.

Tsung-Wei Huang – Taiwan

Courier serves as weekend volunteer

Tsung-wei-HuangFedEx Express Courier Tsung-Wei Huang delivered a shipment of mobility aids to an elderly woman living alone in Taiwan. The package had been sent by her daughter, who was living in the United States. Upon arrival, Tsung-Wei noticed the frailty of the woman and helped her unpack the shipment and assembled the mobility aids. The daughter subsequently thanked Tsung-Wei for the assistance and asked him to return to the apartment to help her mother learn to use the microwave, phone and other electronic equipment. Noting the request, Tsung-Wei returned to the elderly lady’s apartment over the weekend and spent several hours teaching her to use the electronic equipment. Tsung-Wei displayed his dedication to delivering the Purple Promise by going above and beyond to help a customer in need.

Bryan J. McLeod – South Carolina

Character and heart help elderly customer

When FedEx Freight City Driver Bryan J. McLeod delivered a medical device to an elderly customer in Dalzell, South Carolina, he realized she had no one to help her move it into her home. Bryan not only helped move it inside, he came back to her home after work to help install the equipment. Noticing that her yard needed mowing, he returned to the customer’s home to cut her grass. His manager stated, “It speaks volumes to Bryan’s character and heart in that he saw a fellow human being who was struggling that needed assistance and chose to step up and assist.” Bryan not only saw a customer – he saw a person who needed help, and he gave of his personal time to provide it.

Lifesaving Actions

Keith Wallak – New York

Working selflessly to make every experience outstanding

For one FedEx Trade Networks customer, cranial medical implants are shipped for emergency surgical procedures. Quite often the patient is prepared for surgery with doctors standing by waiting for the medical device to arrive. Each of these shipments is time-sensitive, with most being critical life-and-death situations for the hospitalized patient. FedEx Trade Networks team member Keith Wallak is responsible for 18 such accounts, of which 12 are divisions of the same large medical company. Time and time again, the shipments are delivered, resulting in heartwarming success stories. Customers, both internal and external, have expressed appreciation and gratitude for the team led by Keith. He works selflessly to make every FedEx experience outstanding. He has offered solutions to create fewer delays and helped improve the customer experience.  Because of Keith’s management of the healthcare accounts, one large customer has requested FedEx Trade Networks become its exclusive broker— including servicing its worldwide customs clearance needs.

Jose Palma – California

Team member’s life-saving heroics prevents major collision

Jose PalmaWhen Jose saw a car stopped on the railroad tracks with a train quickly approaching, he ran to assist and removed the vehicle from the tracks. Witnesses said he cleared the tracks with just moments to spare, saving the lives of the distressed motorist and several others who were stopped waiting at the rail crossing.  For his heroics and quick thinking, we Deliver Thanks to Jose and honor him with our Humanitarian Award.

Christy Nacey – Utah

Driver showcases warm heart even in the coldest climate

Shortly before Thanksgiving 2015, across a stretch of cold Wyoming highway, Christy came to the aid of another company’s driver whose heating system had broken. As temperatures dipped to -7 degrees Fahrenheit, Christy not only aided the driver by following her 140 miles to Fort Bridger, Wyoming, and the nearest repair shop, she also stopped several times, allowing the driver to warm up in her cab. After reaching the destination, Christy made sure the driver was safe by calling the local sheriff’s office for an additional wellness check.

Patrick Halstead – Oregon

Rescue team helps save submerged boy

Patrick HalsteadWhat started as a routine fishing trip turned into a life-and-death situation off the coast of Oregon. Six-year-old Isaiah was with his father and grandfather on the Umpqua River bar when their boat’s motor died.  Waves pushed the boat against coastal rocks, eventually capsizing it. Isaiah’s dad and grandfather were pulled to safety first while the rescue mission continued. Patrick Halstead, a volunteer firefighter and owner of Jacs Trucking, a service provider for FedEx Ground, assisted a trained diver with his search for Isaiah. When the diver emerged from the water with the unconscious boy, Patrick administered CPR during the rush from the dock to the ambulance. Isaiah had been in the water nearly 40 minutes and did not start breathing right away. At one point declared dead by doctors, Isaiah unexpectedly regained consciousness and was transported to a local hospital where he was treated. Isaiah’s unexpected recovery, considered miraculous by some, is in part due to the efforts of Patrick and the rescue team.

Going the Extra Mile

Delivering Thanks 2016

Valerie Evans and Tron Bridges – California

Team members save customer’s Thanksgiving dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, a customer arrived and entered a local facility requesting his “special” shipment of crabs. Despite the holiday, Truck Control Agent Valerie Evans researched and located the package. Team member Tron Bridges assisted with a dolly and delivered the shipment to the customer at the front desk. The customer was so pleased with the extra effort to save his Thanksgiving dinner that he posted a YouTube video  expressing his gratitude. In the video you see Valerie and Tron outside as the customer receives the shipment. For your viewing pleasure, check out the video to see our thankful customer celebrating our amazing team members.

Skelton Cunha – Brazil

Road warrior agent delivers just in time

One Friday a customer called the Brazilian Customer Service team to get an update about a shipment that, according to the shipper, was committed to be delivered that day.
Customer Service agent Skelton found out that there would be a delivery delay due to an inaccurate shipping address. As a result, the item would only be available for pickup in São Paulo by Monday. The customer explained that the package contained vital documents that would be used in an important meeting the following day. The international attendees of this business gathering travelled to Brazil solely to take part in the meeting. Skelton looked for available options, but due to the late hour, all Friday delivery alternatives were improbable. Therefore, Skelton volunteered to pick up the shipment in Campinas (52 miles from São Paulo) on Saturday morning and deliver it to the customer that same morning. Skelton worked with Campinas Ramp and Clearance teams to pick up the shipment and deliver it to the customer successfully on Saturday at 11 a.m. The customer was very grateful and complimented Skelton on his professionalism and the extra effort he exerted to ensure the delivery was made in the nick of time.

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Jonathan Fernando – Canada

A 290-mile Christmas journey to deliver hope

Jonathan Fernando“Last Hope” was the subject line of a Christmas Eve customer email to the Office of the Chairman, Frederick W. Smith. It was a final attempt to locate a lost package containing an irreplaceable 15th century Muramasa Tanto sword. The missing sword was a Christmas present for a terminally ill child who had studied karate prior to his diagnosis. FedEx Express team members had searched throughout the system for the precious gift – even the Over Goods Department, where many undeliverable packages are sent. Jonathan Fernando, then a senior customer service representative, began his own search and found the elusive package, but the destination was still 290 miles away. The only chance to get it there before Christmas was a passenger airline flight. Jonathan volunteered to fly with the package and deliver it in person – sacrificing his own time on Christmas Eve. According to Jonathan’s manager, “He was solely responsible for a positive turnaround in this case.” Throughout the day and into the night, Jonathan kept in constant contact with the recipient. The customer was so overwhelmed by his efforts to ensure the gift arrived on time, the customer contacted local media to cover Jonathan’s airport arrival because he wanted to make sure everyone knew the lengths Jonathan had gone to in order to deliver the Christmas gift. Jonathan was met at the airport by the recipient and local media, where he personally delivered the package in time for Christmas!

Sammie Hayes – Kentucky

Selfless attitude ensures important hospital delivery

FedEx Express attempted a Saturday delivery to Tavares General Hospital in Tavares, Florida – north of Orlando, Florida. However, the shipping and receiving dock was closed. The package was scanned and returned to the station for another attempt on Monday. On Sunday, FedEx Express Manager Sammie Hayes was contacted by the FedEx Trace Department and asked if the shipment could be delivered to a hospital in Tampa, Florida, instead. The medical shipment was urgently needed for a critical Monday morning surgery. Sammie drove 30 minutes from his home to the Leesburg, Florida, station to retrieve the package and then drove it another 90 minutes to Tampa. Upon reaching Tampa General Hospital, Sammie was informed by the hospital staff that the correct address for the shipment was indeed the Tavares General Hospital.  While most people would be frustrated, Sammie was not. Without hesitation, he got back in his car and made the two-hour drive back to the Tavares General Hospital to deliver the critical shipment on a Sunday. According to Sammie’s manager, he always goes above and beyond to deliver the Purple Promise with a selfless attitude.

Xiang-Ming Jing – China

Ascending 22 floors to deliver the Purple Promise

FedEx Express Courier Xiang-Ming Jing was delivering a shipment of 26 packages weighing a total of 900 pounds to a consignee located on the 22nd floor of an office building. Using the building’s single freight elevator, Xiang-Ming was nearing the end of the multi-trip delivery when the elevator broke down. With four packages yet to be delivered, Xiang-Ming was informed that it would take several hours for elevator repairs. Sensing the consignee’s anxiety to receive all the packages, Xiang-Ming decided not to wait for the elevator. Instead, he hand-carried the remaining four packages, weighing in at more than 110 pounds, up the 22 floors to the customer’s location. After accepting the customer’s thanks for his dedication, Xiang-Ming headed to his next delivery location.

Commitment to Success

Mark Hays – Florida

Grateful parents receive special delivery

One Monday morning, the Tallahassee, Florida, FedEx Ground station received a call from a frantic customer. Two days earlier, FedEx Home Delivery ® had attempted to deliver a shipment to the customer’s apartment. No one answered the door, so the delivery was scheduled to be reattempted on Tuesday. The package contained the only type of infant formula the customer’s premature baby could digest. The formula was not available locally, so it could only be purchased online in a one-month supply. The baby had been fed the last of the formula earlier that morning and the parents were in dire need of the package. Waiting until Tuesday was out of the question. Determined to deliver the formula immediately, FedEx Ground Senior Manager Mark Hays discussed the situation with the appropriate people and got permission to contact the driver who served the address. After hearing the woman’s request, the driver agreed to meet Mark and give him the shipment. With the packages safely in his car, Mark drove 45 minutes to deliver the shipment to relieved and grateful parents.

Yong-Shun Liu – China

Courier lends a helping hand to make deadline

Yong-shun LiuArriving at a customer’s location one evening, FedEx Express Courier Yong-Shun Liu discovered the large shipment was not ready for pickup. Noting the customer’s anxiety, Yong-Shun reassured the customer that he would return to assist. Working diligently to stay on time, Yong-Shun headed to the FedEx station to deliver all of the day’s packages for the first outbound shuttle. Although it was after the package cut-off time and in spite of the poor weather conditions, Yong-Shun returned to help the customer pack more than 100 packages weighing a total of more than 1,700 pounds. It was a long and tedious process, but Yong-Shun moved all the packages to his vehicle and delivered them safely to the station to meet the final outbound truck.

Fernando Gonçalves – Brazil

Customer service for the win at the paralympic games

On Friday, September 9th, the last business day before the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a worried customer called Customer Service to get information on a shipment. It was held in customs at Campinas/São Paulo waiting for tax collection and scheduled for delivery the following Monday. Fernando answered the call and talked with the shipper to explain what would be needed to move the critical shipment. The shipper explained that the package contained a piece that would be used by a Paralympic athlete on Monday morning, and that the first equestrian competition would start as early as 9 a.m. Without that material the athlete could not participate and four years of preparation, dedication, and hard training would be worthless. Wiling to make all efforts to make the shipment arrive to its destination in time, Fernando worked hard and managed to move the shipment. He collaborated with our Operations team to move the shipment to the FedEx station in Rio de Janeiro that same Friday night. Fernando then contacted the customer with a solution in place. The customer was very excited and grateful to Fernando. The material was picked up on Saturday and the athlete was able to participate in the competition on Monday morning, just as planned.

Shenard McDougal – Mississippi

All treat, no tricks – a courier’s Halloween heroics are heralded

With Halloween fast approaching, the parents of a young customer contacted Team FedEx about a pending delivery. The package in question contained their son’s Halloween costume, and the fear of disappointing their child with a delayed shipment prompted them to reach out. Local team members worked to remedy the situation, and the heroics of FedEx Express courier Shenard McDougal saved the day. After a 10 hour shift, on his own time, Shenard retrieved the lost package that contained the Halloween costume and delivered it to the appreciative young man – right in time for trick or treating. This story of going above and beyond the call of duty caught the attention of several prominent individuals who mentioned Shenard’s excellent service on social media. The customer’s family also highlighted Shenard’s great work, and those combined posts further cemented Shenard as a hometown hero and local celebrity.

Jimmy DillonJimmy Dillon – Virginia

Flood waters no match for the Purple Promise

Team member Jimmy Dillon refused to disappoint the customers on his route, even in the midst of a flood caused by Hurricane Matthew. With water levels too high to drive through in certain areas along the Great Dismal Swamp, Jimmy waded in knee-to-ankle-deep waters over a two-day period. He voluntarily continued to perform his courier duties to ensure that every package was delivered in the communities to which he is assigned. In fact, his actions were heralded by neighborhood residents who chose to highlight Jimmy’s efforts on social media. For his hard work and commitment to our customers, we deliver thanks to Jimmy and commend him on his excellent service.

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    Carolyn Meyer says:

    I want to thank you wonderful people for everything you do. You will definitely receive a star in your crown.

    Elizabeth Stein says:

    Reading this article made me realize that there are still good people out there. Thank you for sharing.

    GeGe says:

    These are GREAT GREAT stories! Glad you shared!

    Linda Thorn says:

    As a retiree from the most awesome company for which to work I am so thankful for the employees who spend their own time to assist the helpless. Over the years I have read several stories of our wonderful employees worldwide 🙂
    Love you Fred Smith for your ideas and the purple promise. There’s no one to compare. You are the best ! I miss my job and co workers in Intl Revenue IT. Very dedicated teams ❤️
    I do enjoy my retirement. Also my couriers and other employees I deal with seem to not be able to do enough to please their customers. Go FedEx !!

    Amy Soricelli says:

    I never realized the dedication and (often) enormous personal sacrifice that goes into this job – how much we often take for granted.Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us and I will never look at your employees in the same way again. How proud they must be.

    Arlene Baril says:

    God Bless all of your employees who go that extra mile. Knowing there are people out there who are still willing to help those in need is very uplifting in today’s time of turmoil. I thank each and every one of them.

    Matthew Barr says:

    I wish our media devoted more time to covering people and acts like these. It is nice to be reminded that there are a lot of great people in the world, working to make it a better place. Typical news and events coverage makes it easy to lose sight of that.

    Bharathi says:

    Thanks for the good words. My eyes are moist my heart overwhemed.
    Proud as a Fedex Employee’s Parent

    Pat Johnson says:

    Awesome job Jimmy D.Deep Creek loves you!

    Sue Guerrero says:

    Heartwarming stories. It is wonderful to hear such positive comments about so many caring people around us. I hope that I might rise to the occasion if put in a similar situation.



    pat Keyes says:

    Great stories. Thank you to everyone. Merry Christmas

    Veronica Velasco says:

    These stories are heartwarming and so worth reading especially. It’s refreshing to know that there is a company out there that still understands what customer service means. Thank you FedEx for these sharing your amazing people with us!

    Kimberlie says:

    It is so nice to hear the good in the world. Thank you for the extra you do.. Merry christmas. God bless

    Wendy says:

    Many thanks to all of you who went above and beyond to deliver and get involved. We appreciate all you do! We truly appreciate our FedEx delivery driver 78023.

    Tammie says:

    I agree with all prior comments. Thank you for these stories it’s just heartwarming to confirm what i like to believe,we do have true good people left in this world. God bless!!

    Ed Magee says:

    Proud to work for FedEx. Thanks to the Operations folks going above and beyond!

    Laxman Rajagopalan says:

    Very heartwarming! Thanks for all the hard work FedEx and thanks for sharing these amazing stories.

    Wishing the FedEx family a very happy holidays. Keep up the great work.

    Phyllis Buckner says:

    People like these is what make the world a great place. The went beyond their call of duty. Thank to the all involved

    Dianne Gould says:

    I love FedX employees, they are polite, helpful, and they respect the package they are delivering, so many times when I can opt to chose UPS, over FedEx…..I’ll pay the difference, as long as FedX keeos up with the great standards that they hold! Thanks FedX!

    Sandi says:

    I enjoyed reading each and every story, knowing how helpful the drivers and team members of Federal Express are to their customers! These men and women truly made a difference in the lives of the people that helped! Keep up the great work!

    Judy Mercado says:

    Thanks Fedex for those heartfelt stories. I am a Fedex Retiree and have many awesome customer service stories. That’s why we are such a service company. We all go above and beyond . loved working for Fedex!

    Mary Ann Wright says:

    Thank you for posting these inspiring stories! Each of these men and women are heroes! Each one was like a Christmas gift to my heart!

    Jenn says:

    I have to say that I’ve never read the Fedex blog before- but I LOVED these stories! I love e reading about the goodness of these great employees, and their commitment to make a difference in the world. Reading this reconfirmed my faith in humanity. Thank you!!

    David says:

    And these stories I’m sure do not cover even 1/10th of what happens with these people everyday.

    Lianne says:

    I had no idea you deliver time sensitive medical supplies/equipment. Your company’s special departments should have purple lights on special vehicles and be allowed the same road courtesies as first responders. If you use this idea, you can name them after me!!!

    Deborah Smith SC says:

    Amazing group of people. It makes me want to work for FedEx, our own personal Christmas angels.

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