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Delivering the Super Bowl

March 7, 2012

During the holidays, we often hear the Peak shipping season referred to as our “Super Bowl”.

Well, when the big game comes to your hometown, that term becomes larger than life. Indianapolis recently hosted Super Bowl XLVI and FedEx played a major role delivering the biggest game of the year. Planning begins months in advance and impacts all operations. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how we delivered the Super Bowl:


    mohamed says:

    we are the best

    Anonymous says:

    you guys are really the best ilove you guys

    Parul says:

    Amazing video, Paula! I am so proud to work with you. 🙂

    Lory Howell says:

    As a member of the FedEx Ground team, I’d like to recognize what a great contribution the Indianapolis station and contractors did to support the Super Bowl this year. Many long hours were spent in planning, coordinating and fulfilling the needs of our customers who were not in the NFL, but still had businesses that had packages to send and receive. Nearly 100% of the packages were delivered without a hitch during the week of the Super Bowl, an amazing feat considering all the security requirements in place.
    While FedEx Express did a great job, Ground was there as well, making sure every customer received the Purple Promise along with their packages.

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