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#DeliveringThanks: Courier Saves Trapped Homeowner From Flames

March 6, 2015

On March 5th, FedEx Express courier John Bryant headed into work like any other day. Snow and ice blanketed the streets of Arlington,Texas the night before, but it was the sight of smoke off the highway that caught Bryant’s attention.

“The smoke didn’t look normal to me,” he said. “I pulled off the highway and headed over to see if everything was okay.”

Things were far from okay. As he pulled down the street, Bryant saw a house on fire and frantic neighbors were screaming that the homeowner was inside. Firefighters weren’t on the scene yet, but Bryant, a volunteer firefighter and former EMT in Kuwait, didn’t hesitate.

He parked his truck and ran around the back of the house to assess the situation. The homeowner managed to escape her home, but she was trapped in her canopy-covered backyard and the exit gate was engulfed in flames.

“I went to the other side and started tearing down the fence with my hands,” Bryant said. “A couple of her neighbors helped me get it low enough so I could jump over and get the woman out.”

The homeowner, distraught over the loss of her cat and two dogs that didn’t make it out of the fire, thanked Bryant for his heroic actions.

Once the firefighters were on scene and the fire was under control, Bryant got back into his truck. He called his station manager, Bryan Simpson, to let him know that he would still be at work, albeit a little late.

“I told Bryan to go look at the news and find the fire in Arlington—that’s where I was,” he said.


    Karen Minyard says:

    Thank God for John’s selfless act to save a life. This is a special breed that put other lives ahead of their own. I’m a proud fellow FedEx employee & a proud mother of one of the responding AFD First Responders Bravo Zulu

    kathi says:

    Awesome John!!! We are happy to have a guy like you at FWH!

    John Unden says:

    Nice Work John! Way to lead the way.

    Randy says:

    that was a brave thing to do, that driver should be commended!

    Janet Legerski says:

    Hello John Bryant, I am Janet Legerski a member of Operation: LTM (Loving The Military).

    How brave that was of you to stop and help with that poor lady in that fire. Thank you for being the Hero that you are and thank you for your service to our country!!

    GOD bless you!!


    Janet Legerski

    John Allen says:

    John, A BiG bravo zulu brother. From a former FDX’r (Anchorage Hub) to another. My Sis is a courier in El Paso too. Keep up the great work.

    John Allen
    Anchorage, Alaska

    Jim Gilmore (FEC# 098827 Ret) says:

    If it has not already been done, it would be my extreme pleasure, as a retiree of FedEx, to nominate this gentleman for the prestigious Golden Falcon Award.

    Cathy Booher says:

    Isn’t it funny how God nudges us, you so could have just kept going.How selfless that was of you to stop and help. Thank you for being a Hero, and thank you for your service to our country. May God truly Bless you.

    Bertie Paz says:

    I am happy that you went and help, That was a God sent.

    Jeff says:

    I have to share the great customer service Aaron Schlottman provided for a package that required a signature. a quick phone call to me let me know it was coming earlier in the day, so I didn’t miss the delivery. He really saved my bacon. Thanks, Aaron.

    Elena says:

    Kudos to John….another brave and selfless man…..God Bless you all and keep it coming!!

    Julian G Pratt (No Hands) says:

    Great job John, you were excelent in having the courage to help those that needed help, I give you props buddy great job.

    Brenda Faulkner says:

    Thank God, you were put in that path to help. God bless you!

    Gary says:

    A job well done!

    Diana says:

    Nice job buddy.

    cr says:

    Good job! It is always about the people first. Her life is much more important than anything else. Thank Jehovah she is safe and alive!

    Barbara Sharp says:


    Amalemba Brian says:

    Kudos Bryant keep it up

    Iliana Ortiz says:

    WOW! I loved to read your history, congratulations John your a hero!

    David Allen says:

    Great Job John

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