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November 4, 2008

When I started my career with FedEx as a courier in Philadelphia more than 34 years ago, I never thought that one day, I would play a role in designing the international networks at FedEx.

Of course, I never thought I would get into social networking either, but here I am entering the blogosphere.

I guess you could say that I am really into networks. It is the central focus of my job these days – designing the global FedEx network of the future – both on the ground and in the air.

One of the more exciting projects we are working on at the moment is a new Central and Eastern European gateway at the Cologne/Bonn airport. We began construction of it just a week or so ago and it will connect to our global hub network in 2010.

What is interesting about this hub is that it will be the first solar-powered hub for FedEx outside of the U.S. and the company’s largest solar-powered hub worldwide.

The solar panels will produce power equivalent to that used on a yearly basis by more than 370 homes during the daytime. Together with the architect, we also took the opportunity to build a facility that provides optimal working conditions for the 450 people we will employ at this location. This includes daylight workplaces, a roof terrace as a recreation area, a cafeteria and planting vegetation on the roof.

I’m looking forward to greening up more of our network.


    sheila says:

    Jerry, I love hearing about your journeys around the world. Your ieads are always to inspiritional and functionable. Thank you for being a great leader her at FedEx. Keep the new ideas and improvements coming for FedEx, our environment, our customers and the world ! I can not wait to hear what is next! Sheila

    Linh Wu says:

    Keep the updates coming. Speaking of networks, I too started in Operations and worked in DGO while you were the Director in Greenbelt. Our paths crossed once again when you visited Thailand during our GSP to direct served project. I was the Sales Manager there at the time.

    Great to hear about latest at FedEx International projects on a blog. Keep them coming!

    Linh Wu
    Sales Manager
    Cleveland, OH

    Alfredo Lira says:

    I have to say the Cologne Hub is indeed a great example of our company’s commitment to the environemt.
    It’s good to have you leading us in the region.
    A. Lira GSSE

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