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Doing Business Is Now More Convenient Than Ever

January 19, 2011

Have you ever been far from home and needed to print a document for a business meeting? I often receive important files from the office on my smartphone while I’m on the road visiting our team members. Whether I’m in Sacramento or Orlando learning firsthand about what is happening at our FedEx Office stores, there are many times I need to print files quickly and conveniently.

At FedEx Office, we have a number of different customers who are constantly on the go, whether they are traveling for business, en route to a parent/teacher conference or rushing to meet with a potential client. One thing we’ve learned, though, is that we all want the same thing – easy-to-use and convenient printing solutions.

We are committed to providing services that meet customer needs and I am happy to share that we recently launched FedEx Office Print & Go, a new solution we’ve developed for those (just like me) who often find themselves on the go. What’s exciting is that this technology allows customers to access and print documents directly from BlackBerry smartphones and USB flash drives, giving them more options for self-service printing. FedEx Office is the first and only national print retailer with this type of convenient service. It’s currently available at 1,600 locations and will be offered at all U.S. locations later this year, so we all can work efficiently whether we are near home or on the road.

To learn more about FedEx Office Print & Go, see our press release.

Brian Philips is President and CEO of FedEx Office.

UPDATE: Great news! You can now print documents from your iPhone using FedEx Office Print & Go.


    Tom Gibson says:

    Mr. Philips,

    I want to use this space to applaud an immediate turnaround job done for my company by your FedEx Office at 105 Duane Street, NYC. I am a corporate CEO headquartered in suburban Washington DC and was in New York City this past Tuesday (February 8) to pitch an important piece of new company business. We had a series of eleventh hour changes to our presentation and my staff contacted Ms. Sharon Ali at your Duane Street FedEx Office location to help us expedite the printing and finishing of the updated presentation. Ms. Ali responded with the type of focus and determined effort that made the difference between walking into a meeting unprepared and delivering a polished, perfect pitch. Remarkably, Ms. Ali went the extra mile to suggest presentation formats that further enhanced the final product. I felt like a world class sprinter in a relay race, receiving the passed baton of the finished presentation as I dashed into and out of FedEx Office on my way to the World Financial Center. Throughout, Ms. Ali and the rest of the FedEx Office staff were calm and cordial … consumate professionals.

    I want to personally thank Ms. Ali for her service excellence. I believe she represents well not just the service commitment, but the corporate values espoused by FedEx.

    All I can say is “Wow” (perhaps followed by a “whew”). Way to go, FedEx Office!

    Tom Gibson
    The Coulter Companies
    McLean, Virginia

    Dave Shinnebarger says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have used FedEx stores many times to do last minute changes to client presentations. The most ironic was a last minute pitch at USPS Headquarters to Paul Vogel, their #3 guy. I used the FedEx store on 7th Street in DC to make some last minute changes to our presentation documents. I e-mailed the docs at midnight, talked to the store rep, and they were ready for me at 4:00am for pick up.

    You also were a client of mine years ago when I was at the Peppers and Rogers Group as a Senior Consultant. Ozan Bayulgen introduced us on a couple of occasions. We worked on your e-crm pilot program connecting the call center, web, and delivery work force to create seemless customer communication practices and procedures. Fascinating work. Great organization.

    Glad to see you are doing well!

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