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How a Roll of Tape Helps Save Lives

October 8, 2018

“If I am at my farm across the highway and don’t get home by dusk, I end up sleeping in the fields. I won’t cross the road after dark.”

That’s just one person’s experience in Topisi, a village in central Botswana, but many other residents have similar stories.

They aren’t afraid of wild animals.

They aren’t afraid of being robbed.

They’re afraid of being hit by a moving vehicle.

The combination of donkey carts being the main mode of transportation, and the A1 Highway cutting through villages with no streetlights, can be deadly.

A volunteer group, The Society of Road Safety Ambassadors, experienced firsthand what was happening in their country and set out to make a difference.

See how a simple task, using a roll of tape, helped cut donkey cart accidents in seven villages by over 40 percent in one year.


    Shane O'Connor says:

    So proud of The Society of Road Safety Ambassadors for this fantastic work. What a great story. And so beautifully captured too. Also very proud of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the way you support the work of your member NGOs.

    Vaibhav says:

    Excellent- Such a simple solution that is so effective at saving lives! Yet another great example of FedEx helping communities all over the world!

    Eric Ballejo says:

    Great story. Such an easy fix to a huge problem! Sounds like a QDM Quick Fix.

    K.GOWTHAM says:


    Linda Ferrell says:

    It would be great if we could match these folks up with our customer LuminAid. They could hang LuminAid on the back of the donkey cart, it has a blinking light at night, and solar charges during the day.

    Cornell says:

    Wonderful story! The visuals are beautiful and the interviews are relatable and insightful.

    James Steeley says:

    I am so proud to work for a company (Fedex Supply Chain) that is involved in things like this tape project. I know from working for Fedex, safety is a top priority for the company. Fedex always seeks ways to help our communities. I am blessed to work for such a company .

    James Steeley
    Quality Auditor
    Fedex Supply Chain
    Lebanon, TN

    lynn olds says:

    Great story. Solar powered street lights?

    Anonymous says:

    very good!

    gerald crismin says:

    good implementation of good idea

    Joan McCreary says:

    Very glad to know that FedEx is helping to sponsor this project. I am proud to work for this company.

    Ricky says:

    It is a very meaningful initiative. Wonderful job! Thank you FedEx!

    Susan says:

    I am so proud of my company for living the FedEx cares mantra. Thank you, FedEx for driving real change, saving lives across the globe, and for making all FedEx employees proud of their company and the work it does!!

    Slindile Pearl Mnguni says:

    I am happy for My neighboring country. I am from South Africa. I work for FedEx Express in EWR HUB in USA as a Service Assurance Agt

    Nicole says:

    That’s awesome news! Thanks for sharing.

    Yvonne Kelly says:

    Won’t God do it….You see God works through peoples…And FedEx has a lots of good peoples working for them I Love that ” Spiritual Journey ” FedEx has of Helping Others. FedEx Love is what our world needs all of the time…I am very proud of my FedEx Family…

    Kathy Brown says:

    Great story. It would be nice if somehow the people could get the yellow reflective vests to wear and maybe something made for the donkeys as well.

    Ralph Chigoya says:

    Awesome, resonates with QDM concepts!

    Harjit Singh says:

    Simple yet profound. This can be replicated all over the world. Fantastic effort.

    Phyllis Fair says:

    This is a fantastic story!!! It was relevant, captivating and beautifully done. A simple, ordinary item that is making a life-saving impact.

    Intisar Ahmad says:

    The Purple Promise @ Work — Where Rubber Meets The ROAD ~~

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