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Don’t Spoil the Surprise, Keep Your Gifts Under Wraps!

December 5, 2012

One of the best moments of every holiday season is seeing the excitement in the eyes of a loved one when they unwrap a gift you chose carefully, wrapped perfectly and kept secret for weeks or even months. But nothing can spoil that moment faster than having that gift delivered and waiting on your doorstep for snooping eyes to find.  Worse yet, some holiday gifts orders coming from online retailers feature full-color images of the contents on the outside of the box. Talk about taking the surprise out of the gift if someone should see that by mistake!

And you’d be surprised how often that can happen. Take Amy Locurto, a graphic designer who has contributed her creativity to the FedEx Out of Office blog in the past. We asked her about a recent experience with online shopping this year and she mentioned a major “Mom Fail” moment: 

            This year I ordered a new bike for my daughter for Christmas. When the delivery driver dropped it off at our house, he didn’t ring the door bell so I never knew it was there. My daughter ran in the door from school screaming… “I GOT A NEW BIKE!” Yes, it was right there at the door with a photo on the box. So much for Santa’s surprise! Total “Mom Fail!”

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But holiday deliveries don’t have to be “Mom Fail” – there’s so much you can do to keep the surprise in the holidays! Here are a few easy surprise-saving tips from the experts at FedEx Office:


  • Enlist Santa’s elves to watch over your packages. Ship your package to an alternate location where you know someone will be available to receive it. Whether you send it to your office building, a trusted neighbor or friend’s home, a location where your FedEx courier can hand off the package to another person is the best way to avoid gifts sitting out on your front porch for extended periods of time.


  • Intercept the sleigh before it reaches your home. Select the complimentary (read that again: it’s FREE!)  “Hold at FedEx Location” feature when choosing your package’s shipment options, and have it sent to the nearest FedEx retail location. You can even request a package be held at a FedEx location after the package is already en route. More information on how to use Hold at FedEx Location can be found at


  • Request a special FedEx Ground delivery. If a package is sent via FedEx Ground Home Delivery, go online to request evening delivery, date-certain delivery or even make an appointment for a specific delivery time window. This way, you can make sure the kids aren’t home when their presents arrive!


  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered – it’s yours! Ensure your gift ends up in the right hands with a signature. You may want to consider selecting the signature required option when processing their shipments. This means your package will not be left at its destination unless someone is present to sign for it.


Hopefully these tips keep Santa’s surprise intact for all our friends this season!


    Netty T. Munkee says:

    Great advice. It’s fun unwrapping things my loved one gives me so I would hate to see the gift and spoil it too soon. BTW, FedEx is very good. They always put packages out of sight.

    Allison says:

    Definitely! A lot of gifts for my kids go to Grandma’s and I stop by and get them when they’re not with me. Great tips FedEx!

    MayLyn says:

    It’s so wonderful to know that FedEx is keeping christmas packages in good hands. At UPS they do not do anything deliver it once and no other attempt, and you have to go pick it up at their location at a hard to find place. At FedEx they deliver and hold your package at the nearest FedEx location for you to pick up if you were not there after the third delivery attempt. I love shipping FedEx and knowing that each of my packages are in good hands! Thank you all for releaveing me from the stress of shipping!

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