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May 18, 2012

Innovation is applied inspiration

At FedEx, our focus is simple when it comes to sustainability: to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways. Execution is always a bit trickier. That’s why we have the three pillars of our EarthSmart program that focus upon our services and assets, our team members and the workplace, and the community:

  • EarthSmart Innovations
  • EarthSmart @ Work
  • EarthSmart Outreach

I have written about both EarthSmart @ Work and EarthSmart Outreach in recent posts. Now, it’s time to spend a little time on the third.

EarthSmart Innovations is the pillar that seeks to inspire products and services, physical assets and initiatives that go beyond their obvious impacts to set new solutions for environmental stewardship and deliver clear and tangible benefits for the environment, our customers, our team members and our business. It is intended to encourage our design teams to build in and evaluate the sustainable benefits of the products, services or programs they work on. And, we encourage them to apply for an EarthSmart Innovations designation. This designation is guided by a scorecard system that evaluates a solution on its business, environmental, and workplace benefits, built in concert with Viridis Strategy Group. They are formerly Esty Environmental Partners.

The established criteria and scoring methods for the scorecard are intended to ensure that only those FedEx products, services, and initiatives that meet, quantifiable environmental standards earn an EarthSmart designation. Any sustainability effort at FedEx can be part of EarthSmart, but it may not score high enough to receive a designation. The designation itself is made up of two tiers. Tier 1 Innovations have a higher threshold to achieve and can use the EarthSmart logo with a custom descriptor and custom messages. Since Tier 2 Innovations have a lower threshold, they can only receive the EarthSmart collective logo, EarthSmart: FedEx Solutions for a More Sustainable World, and general EarthSmart messages.

So, what currently qualifies as EarthSmart Innovations?

Tier 1 Innovations

Tier 2 Innovations

  • FedEx Reusable Sturdy Paks
  • FedEx Color Management

You can see the Tier 1 EarthSmart Innovations’ logo with custom descriptors and the general methodology in the slides above.

At the beginning of this post, I referenced innovation by stating that it was applied inspiration. One always hopes for inspired design teams because they are well positioned to innovate – for customers, for share owners and for communities. They can be a real catalyst for change. And, by doing so, they help create solutions that matter.


    MayLyn says:

    I am so grateful and blessed to be a FedEx volunteer and to be apart of the FedEx Earthsmart programs! I enjoyed reading this and learned a lot more about FedEx and the Earthsmart program that I’m so grateful to be apart of!

    Janna says:

    Having graduated from UW in Sustainable Management, it’s nice to read about the efforts FedEx has made to offset their carbon footprint. Being aware of the triple bottom line shows enormous corporate responsibility.

    Aly says:

    I am a college student doing research on paperless processing and the “Green” movement within organizations. I am becoming more and more aware and appreciative of the efforts industries of all sorts are taking to better our planet. Thank you, FedEx, for doing your part.

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