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#eCommerce changes the way we deliver for you @FedEx

October 21, 2013

Meet Allison.  Five years ago, when Allison wanted to buy a costume, she would drive to the mall, take a look at the options, and then buy one. Today, she doesn’t even have to leave the comforts of her couch.  If she sees a costume she wants on TV, she pulls out her smartphone, compares reviews & prices, and orders it to be delivered to her house for her Halloween party – all within a commercial break of her favorite show.

E-commerce has truly changed the way we shop. Online sales are growing more than three times faster than traditional brick-and-mortar sales.  Smartphones (like Allison’s) & tablets account for 11 percent of online transactions. By 2017, one out of every four online transactions will be done on a mobile device.

Every day, people are also changing how and when they want their packages delivered.  They want convenience, simplicity, predictability and options when shopping online. Businesses have to adjust to fit this new demand. 

You changed how you want it; we changed how we deliver it.

At FedEx, we are listening to what you want, whether you are speaking to one of our drivers or couriers in-person or to us on Twitter. We’re proud to provide innovative solutions that matter to you while shopping online. In April, we launched FedEx Delivery Manager℠ that gives you the ability to customize your deliveries according to your schedule, not ours. As a recipient, you can change the day, the time, and the delivery location of your package or hold it at a FedEx Office location to pick it up yourself. Over 600,000 packages have been delivered more conveniently through this solution. 

In May, we expanded our FedEx SameDay® City service that offers pickup and delivery in as little as three hours in select cities – in case you “absolutely, positively” have to have that costume today.  In August, we began offering FedEx Ship Manager® Lite to help simplify the way you ship online whether you have a FedEx account or not. 

Now, we’re introducing FedEx One Rate℠ shipping, which couples the predictability and economy of flat rate shipping with the peace of mind and reliability that comes with shipping with FedEx. Shippers can now better plan, control and communicate shipping costs to their customers, who appreciate knowing their options up front before buying.

When times change, we must change. But our commitment to consistently deliver an outstanding experience to customers like you and Allison? That will never change.


    SUNIL MENON A says:

    Indeed Change Change and Change is the only permanent option for Customers to cater to the ever increasing convinient,varied and quick Demand for products at finger tips.As SPEED and diversity is in the essence of everything these days….so FedEx is up to that CHALLENGE rapidly as always……

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