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Elephants Just Want to Have Fun

April 27, 2011

**Update: check out more info and photos of this on the Smithsonian National Zoo site.**

Of course, elephants want to have fun but it’s not something I ever thought about until I got the call from The Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington, D.C. 
We’ve donated our transportation and logistics services to the Zoo before by moving animals for them. Most recently we moved giant panda Tai Shan to China. Surprisingly, this request was for us to ship pickle barrels.

The pickle barrels are being used as part of an enrichment program for the Zoo’s Asian elephants. The Zoo said environmental enrichment provides a stimulating environment for Zoo animals in order for them to demonstrate their species-typical behavior and to enhance their well-being. The elephants enjoy banging on, smelling and playing with the hanging barrels.
FedEx Custom Critical husband-and-wife team Teresa and Anthony Marks drove the six and a half hours straight from North Carolina to the Zoo with six palettes of 32 pickle barrels. They’ve been with FedEx Custom Critical for more than one year now and have already moved a lot of unique shipments. They said the most interesting part of this trip was the aroma the barrels left behind. It looks like the elephants are fond of the smell!


    J Vinick says:

    Thank you FedEx for the wonderful (and unique!) transport – our elephants are enjoying the pickle barrels and we are very grateful for your support. Special thanks to Teresa and Anthony, and to everyone at FedEx Custom Critical !

    David Edmonds says:

    Thanks Teresa and Anthony for the outstanding effort! Who would have ever thought pickle barrels would be such an enriching part of elephant life….a treasured species on our wonderful planet!

    Traci Stubblefield says:

    That elephant is adorable! What an awesome job for Teresa and Anthony. Great story Adrian.

    monica fleischmann says:

    We all enjoy the zoo so much here in Washington, thank you Teresa and Anthony for providing us with happy elephants! That is the FedEx Spirit

    Mark & Elyse Henson says:

    What a wonderful story, can wait to get back to DC and go to the zoo. We know Teresa and Tony and we know they enjoyed being part of the pickle barrel delivery.

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