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Epic Blizzard Strands 6 FedEx Freight Drivers

December 30, 2014

FedEx Freight drivers are used to driving in all types of conditions; it’s what they do every day.  But for six drivers, an epic snow storm the week before Thanksgiving made travel impossible. The storm dumped as much as seven feet of snow in the Buffalo New York area and shut down a 132-mile section of the New York State Thruway for several days.

Road Drivers Peter Cordwell, Jonathan Winters, Bryan Russik, Kelly Barker, Robert Benham and Anthony Brown took immediate action and parked their trucks at a Walmart store in Hamburg.  Due to the extreme conditions, the situation could certainly have been life threatening.  But Walmart associates were quick to provide whatever the drivers needed to stay safe and warm.  During the over 80 hours that their trucks were stuck in the parking lot (see photo), our drivers also provided assistance to others.  Buffalo Service Center Manager Lamous Hall commented “I am very proud to have these guys on our team as they helped others out while representing our brand.”

Pat Reed, EVP/COO-FedEx Freight, expressed his thanks to both teams– “I greatly appreciate the quick action by the Walmart team to assist our drivers. And a big thank you these drivers and to all FedEx drivers who go above and beyond each and every day to provide the Purple Promise to our customers.”


    G Yarbro says:

    so proud of them. What if a package was late it was not in their control.

    karen christensen says:

    My Husband drives FedEx line haul. They have sent him out in weather no man or beast should be out in. He still gets in his truck and goes just so the packages get to where they are going. Spent Christmas in a motel with his truck on a hook.While most people are having Dinner with family and friend’s those few FedEx drivers are on the road. I pray they are safe this season with the icy,windy and snow packed roads. Karen

    Ginger says:

    Awesome story! This is what it’s all about…people helping people. Thank you Walmart and FedEx Freight!

    joann bogart says:

    It”s not their fault that their is a blizzard, they didn”t cause it or ask for it, be patient and the package will get to you when the roads are clear, if these drivers have a family what would you want them to do risk their lives and lives of others just for your package and have their families be without a father or a husband, that is totally stupid.

    Danny Anderson says:

    It is rare to get more than freezing conditions here in Waco, Texas. I was once a OTR driver and remember many a times on I-40 and I-90 in the northwest keeping me for 2-3 days. I receive a lot of shipments via ground services as Fedex. I so appreciate your services and know that drivers as this team stand out because of the pride they have in their self’s as professional drivers, and the pride they have in who’s name is on the trucks. Great team work all the way around. Thank you from a retired military guy who knows about team work, and a small business owner who depends on your deliverers.

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