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Every day is Mother’s Day at The Flour Pot

May 30, 2013

My mom (Margie Greenberg) and I decided to start our own business – The Flour Pot cookie boutique – in 2003.  We started in my mom’s kitchen – baking custom decorated cookies.  Growing up, my mom was always making cookies – everyone always knew her for her cookies…friends would come over looking for my mom’s cookies.  All kinds – chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, butter cookies.  And when I graduated from college, my brother suggested that Mom and I go into business together selling her cookies.  My mom and I always had a great relationship and my brother and my dad work together, so it seemed natural to give it a shot.

My mom designs the cookies – she’s the creative one.  She has a background in design, so she’s got a great attention to detail and loves to decorate each cookie.  Since the beginning, I’ve handled the marketing and business side of things for The Flour Pot.  We had some big breaks early on – with some major national broadcast and magazine publicity.  These also led to a number of major corporate customers, which have really helped us to build our business over the years.

We’ve been shipping with FedEx since the beginning.  I remember filling out airbills by hand and taking the boxes to our FedEx location.  We’ve been growing every year and now we have our own daily pick-ups and sales representative.  All of our employees know and look forward to seeing Jimmy Callahan, our FedEx Ground driver, every day.  He’s always quick with a smile and a wave as he whisks away our deliveries for the day. Our cookies are like works of art and it’s important that they travel quickly and safely to their recipient.  We want them to arrive fresh, so the reliability of FedEx Ground is important to our business.

It’s our unique designs and attention to detail – and of course, simply delicious cookies – that set The Flour Pot products apart from others.  It’s also our passion.  And FedEx shares this passion.  They’ve helped us to grow over the past ten years and Sam, our sales representative, has even pitched in during the holidays, when things can get a little hectic.  While working with my mom and building our business hasn’t always been easy, it’s always been a great experience.  I couldn’t have done this without my mom.  It’s really worked.  We may not always agree.  But at the end of the day, we’re still mother-daughter.  So everything gets resolved.  Usually with a shopping trip!

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