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Every Plane Bears a Name

September 30, 2015

You may not have noticed, but every FedEx plane bears a name. Our aircraft not only have a tail number identifier, but also feature the name of a FedEx Express team member’s child.

This tradition started when a Falcon aircraft was named Wendy, after the daughter of FedEx Chairman and CEO, Fred Smith. Today, this historic aircraft resides in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Since that time over 700 planes have received this great honor including our fleet of 340 Airbus’, Boeing’s and MDs that traverse the sky on a daily basis. See the process some of these aircraft go through in getting a beautiful new facelift, and a new name in recognition of a FedEx Express team member’s child.



    BENJAMIN says:


    Alaaddin Oncel says:

    That’s the main strategy to touch employee hearth and why FedEx became top rank in the airexpress industry.

    Charlene says:

    Very exciting, as my daughter has a plane named after her as well. A very prized possession in our family.

    Charlie Bishop says:

    Nice touch…one of the cadence of ‘special attention to the spirit’ that makes FedEx special.

    Fred Smith is just a great leader–one that creates a climate of excellence.

    Ralph Williams says:

    Thank you, Jason Douglas, for telling this story. I am retired now, but I ran the aircraft naming program for several years. It was a great pleasure! People used to send me pictures of their children, so I could see the kids the planes were named for.
    My favorite nomination was “Annibelle Lee,” who was born on Halloween.

    Justin Poe says:

    Is there an active list of all the names currently on aircraft or previously on aircraft?

    (Looking for some images for personal use)

    Jacob Flores says:

    How can I nominate my child’s name? My family and I are expecting a baby girl this may! 🙂

    bill mott says:

    Been with FedEx for 20 yrs. I think this Awesome it continues to remind me what a GREAT! company this is to work for. Thanks FedEx Family!

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