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Exploring the Final Frontier with FedEx® Space Solutions

May 20, 2014

Meet the FedEx Space Solutions team. We’re going where no logistics company has gone before!

For the first time, there are FedEx packages flying even higher than our planes can take them.

FedEx® Space Solutions, launched this week, is a turn-key shipping solution for the space industry. Whether a package is headed to a launch site or beyond, FedEx experts can work with space customers to design a plan for moving their sensitive materials safely and quickly.

Kelvin Hill, FedEx® Space Desk

It all starts here. My colleagues and I at the Space Desk run a one-stop shop for all questions related to shipping assets going to or returning from space. When a customer calls the Space Desk, we go in to action, answering questions and tapping into the expertise across the enterprise to assemble a customized solution for each space-bound shipment. The Space Desk even has access to the expertise of Space Tango, a well-known entrepreneurial space company, that can consult on all manner of space moves.

Craig Simon, FedEx Supply Chain

As president and CEO of FedEx Supply Chain, Craig Simon knows a thing or two about getting a package from Point A to Point B. He and his global team work with space customers to ensure their celestial packages make their terrestrial journeys safely and quickly. Whether it’s a part required for a launch or a custom package for a biomedical experiment, FedEx Supply Chain offers specialized logistics through a robust network of resources.

Yongquan “Joe” Zhou, Packaging Lab

Elements on earth can prove challenging for packages long before they leave our atmosphere. Enter the FedEx Packaging Lab. Packaging engineers like  can conduct a series of state-of-the-art tests to expose packages to real-world conditions, and help improve or design the best possible packaging for critical shipments.

Chris Swearingen, SenseAware™ powered by FedEx

Highly-sensitive materials need highly-specialized visibility. With SenseAware, customers get extra peace of mind by monitoring a shipment’s location around the world in near-real time, and the ability to track other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, shock or exposure to light.

Got a question about a space shipment? We’re here to help.

Visit, or reach out to to connect with one of our experts.

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