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+ Unlocking Economic Opportunity Throughout Africa

March 19, 2015


Here’s an eye-opening stat: Up to 70 percent of African crops are wasted because farmers lack a way to connect with buyers. Here’s another: There are 700 million mobile phones in use throughout Africa, but only 200 million of them are smartphones.

Those numbers provided Benin native Vital Sounouvou with an idea. What if he could use his IT background to help develop a tool to link farmers and buyers? In 2012, he turned that idea into, an online platform and app that works on both smartphones and non-smartphones. The app is elegantly simple, asking users four questions: Do you want to buy or sell? What do you want to sell? What quantity? When will it be available?

It’s also proven remarkably effective. Since’s introduction, it has enabled more than $400 million in transactions. And that success has helped Sounouvou launch an ambitious and promising new project,

To learn more about Sounouvou and, check out the 2015 Access 25, our list of the people, places, and ideas defining global connectivity. The current issue is available online. Sign up for a free subscription online.

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