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Extra Power Means Extra Care

August 24, 2012

Parents are packing their students’ belongings and preparing to send them off to college. It is a time of mixed emotions. The excitement of stocking their new dorm room with linens, towels, lamps, hangers, and even a mini-fridge is likely in contrast with knowing that a season in your family’s life is ending. It is certainly a time for reflection and thought. Some of this “thought” should be towards packing up what is now a standard issue item for college students: a notebook (laptop) computer.

As you and your student pack for this transition to college life, please take note that, for reasons of safety, it is vitally important to pack battery-operated devices properly. The type of batteries used in notebook and laptop computers, cordless phones and even cell phones can catch fire if not properly packaged.

It is best to review the requirements and the manufacturer’s information to determine if any special packaging or regulations apply. Here are a few more steps you should take:

  • Secure the device in the “off” position by positive means, such as using a piece of tape.
  • Keep the original box when you buy a new computer or other device and repack it before you ship. Often times, batteries are separated and put in their own compartments for safety. This also provides the maximum amount of protection against accidental breakage during shipment.
  • If shipping individual, loose batteries they must be individually packaged with the terminal ends protected against coming in contact with other batteries or metal of any kind.
  • Call the FedEx DG hotline at 1-800-Go-FedEx and say “Dangerous Goods” if you are unsure about how to package lithium batteries, or an item containing lithium batteries, for shipment.

Laptops, cellphones and other devices that require batteries have become an essential part of our daily lives. But when it comes time to package them up for shipping, we need to remember their extreme power requires some extra care. Help us keep you and your family safe by taking time to store them properly for shipping.


    MayLyn says:

    I enjoy shipping with FedEx and knowing that all of my ebay buyers items will arrive safely and on time! I want to thank all of you at FedEx for making my ebay business so much esaier for shipping!

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