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Facility Expansion and Infrastructure Improvements Continue at MEM World HUB

June 4, 2012

It’s always great when a plan comes together, and June 4th marks the official grand opening of our new employee entrance and screening facility at the MEM World HUB. This construction is part of a much bigger multi-million dollar project which has been ongoing for the last two years. At the HUB we call it the “180k plan.” In layperson terms, the 180k plan is a project to allow us to increase our box sort rate from 160,000 packages per hour up to 180,000 boxes per hour (hence the 180k name).

Today’s grand opening is for a new employee main entrance and screening facility. Previously, employees parked across the street and rode buses to the facility. We now have relocated the screening facility to our northernmost boundary line of our 5.5 mile perimeter facing Democrat Road.We built an overhead walkway connecting the parking lot to this new facility and now employees walk into work rather than taking the bus. We still have buses transporting employees once inside the facility, but the change will not only be more convenient and quicker for the employees – it will also be better for the environment as we will have less buses operating on site.

This is a three year project with less than one year remaining before final completion of all phases. The project began with the rollout of 16 new wide-body aircraft parking gates for last peak. Since then, the work has been more subtle and has focused on improving the transportation infrastructure to create free space, allowing more efficient tug and dolly movement during the sort process.

The actual sort building for added package volume capacity needed to allow for “180k” processing opens up in October. We will call it the “green hub” as it is in the process of becoming LEED certified. The overall project winds down just after the New Year with the creation of a new truck and CTV roadway/bridge across Hurricane Creek. This road will eliminate congestion and traffic back up in the current bulk truck unload area. This will also coincide with the opening of a new four lane road connecting our west ramp gates to all the major input areas.    

This project was a key in us restructuring the facility to better meet the needs of the operation. Historically, we just layered on a new building or new aircraft gates where we could find room. The new layout will really improve the processing and efficiency of what is already known as the World’s Best Cargo Hub.

The exterior of the new MEM Hub facility.

An exterior view of the new FedEx MEM World HUB facility.


    MayLyn says:

    FedEx wins over UPS again! Way to go FedEx for beating the competition!

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