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Fargo Flooding: An Update from the Front Lines

March 31, 2009

Sorry I don’t have time to write more, but we’ve been really busy here in North Dakota.  We have had many efforts on behalf of the FedEx team fighting this flood in Fargo and Moorhead, MN. Most everyone at the station has been affected in one way or another and everyone has stepped up to help save the neighborhoods they live in and those of other team members. It is absolutely amazing to experience the support that FedEx has provided during this difficult time, we are all very grateful for all of the support.


    Karen Sigler says:

    Is there anything you need or we can help with?
    PVUA- Orem Utah

    Ryan Mercer says:

    My thoughts are with everyone there! I know it can be tough, and psychologically hard to deal with. I went down to south eastern Texas right after Katrina to help co-workers at the OGA I worked for at the time and even to me, knowing everything was safe at home, seeing the water levels alone was hard to deal with, it was just unreal.

    Please also remember our FedEx family members in Anchorage as Redoubt keeps dumping ash on them every few days!

    -FTN Employee.

    Douglas Droske says:

    Glad to hear things are going better up there. We’ve been watching the situation up there throughout the flood. I’ve worked a couple of them while at school at UND and know what it’s like but certainly not to the extent Fargo is seeing.

    Doug Droske

    Krista Hogan says:

    Just let us know what you need Jared – your FedEx family in MEM stands ready to help…

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