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From Wall Street to Fat Witch

August 31, 2017

In her spare time, Patricia Helding, a high-powered trader on New York’s famed Wall Street, was on a quest to bake the perfect brownie.

When her co-workers kept asking where they could buy them, she thought, “Hey, this could actually be a business.”

And with that, Fat Witch Bakery was born.

Patricia left Wall Street, doodled her logo on a plane, started baking full time in her home kitchen, and the rest is witchy history.

Patricia remembers, “When you have a no budget, absolutely no money for marketing, you do a lot of things yourself.”

See how she went from baking for her co-workers to having Fat Witch stores in New York and Japan.


    Marco says:

    Beautiful story. I will order these brownies online this weekend. Nice and simple logo that catches your eye.Hope your business is very successful here and in Japan.

    Carrie says:

    What a fun story. This is very inspiring.

    Cheryl says:

    Inspirational! Thank you for sharing

    Sonia says:

    Amazing & fun story

    Gina says:

    OMG!! Witch Ends!! I must order next ship date. How often do they ship?

    Michelle says:

    Received my first order and the brownies were a hit! These will be my go-to gift item for this holiday season. Thanks for sharing Patricia’s story.

    Gina Carpellotti says:

    When I lived in NYC (and wasn’t eating a plant-based diet), I treated myself to a weekly Fat Witch brownie at the Chelsea Market. I am so happy to see that the business is thriving!

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