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Man to Man: Father, Son FedEx Pilots Share Life Lessons in Aviation

February 22, 2018

Albert and Anthony Glenn

FedEx 777 Captain Albert Glenn was born “with an airplane in his hand”.  At least that’s how his family describes his love of aviation, which started very early in life.

Captain Glenn’s family provided the support he needed to pursue his dream of being a pilot, and Glenn later provided this same support to his son Anthony, also a FedEx pilot and 14-year team member.

In November 2018, Captain Glenn’s 44-year FedEx career will end.  He sat down with Anthony to discuss his career, their first FedEx flight together, the struggle for minorities in aviation, and the legacy he will leave behind.

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Albert’s Career Path 

Legacy & Father, Son First FedEx Flight

Black History Month

Life After FedEx & Advice for Granddaughter


    Penny Woods says:

    Congratulation on your retirement. FedEx will not just be loosing a great Pilot but a great man and Father. It is good to Know that you are leaving us with some one with your professionalism. I am looking forward to seeing Anthony growth with the company.

    Demetra Fason says:

    Such a great story and creating history at the same time.
    These are the kind of stories that should be share around the world to all the Millennials out there, listen, read and dream big.
    I’m so happy to say that Anthony is my cousin and we are all so proud of your accomplishments.

    Betty says:

    Legacy – thank you for believing in a dream bigger than you. So proud of FedEx anti discriminatory policy that allows opportunities for the qualified not the race. People makes the difference. You are definitely the Man (Men) in the Mirror. Making the change you want to see. Safe Skies to you both.

    Doug Land says:

    What an amazing, inspirational story.! So glad this was posted to share with my son and daughters.

    sabrina tyson-goston says:

    Congrats, and I love fedex also…..Thank You……..Sabrina

    Basil Marcelline says:

    So Proud of both Father and Son. They are a source of inspiration . I wish both of you gods blessings . Power to FedEx for its initiatives for diversity and helping all of its FedEx family to live the Purple Promise

    Rosie says:

    This is a very inspiring story. I’m glad to see a father and son create such a legacy, its so powerful. I hope to hear of the Granddaughter’s story one day…a Father and Daughter story!
    Simply Awesome!

    Tracey says:

    Amazing story about the Glenn family, I wish them both well in the future, and hope that Capt. Glenn enjoys his retirement.

    Felicia Tagivakatini says:

    Congratulations and Blessings, Thanks for all that you and your son have done. Great assets and role models to FedEx employees and minorities all around. Enjoy your retirement it is well deserved and FedEx will miss you. BRAVO ZULU !!!!!!!

    Buck Miller says:

    Albert, BZ on a great career, and thanks for your leadership along the way!

    Danny Wiseman says:

    Congratulations father and son.

    NancyFederico says:

    So Happy you shared your story. Loved reading about your career. Good luck to you in all you do after retiring.

    Nancy Federico

    Willette Patton says:

    Thanks for sharing your story of coming up through the entry level of FedEx and for how our great company add value to your career plan. But you had the passion, desire, commitment and steady fast to continue your path. We apprieicate you and your commitment to giving back to our youth. Willette

    Melinda says:

    That’s awesome

    David E. Glenn, Sr. says:

    This is awesome and is a great part of aviation history. The legacy that you leave behind for Anthony, your peers, and the pilots to come will live on.

    I’m proud of you cousin for you for your 44 Years of faithful and dedicated Service! I wish you well God Speed!

    SriGowri Koduri says:

    Very inspirational legacy. Awesome family memories for Father and Son flying together in the same flight.All the best Albert on your retirement.

    Gwennie Tins says:

    Living and enjoying a legacy..thank you for the share

    Chris Solano says:

    Captain A. Glenn, congrats on your retirement. Great interview with your son Anthony.

    justin hadley says:

    Sir, your story is inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for your time with the company and best wishes for you as you enter a well deserved retirement.

    Rory Dineen says:

    What an incredible set of experiences to share. Hope! Life! Respect and professionalism. Blue skies Captain in your next phase of life.

    Joyous Montgomery says:

    Blessings to you and your Son. Both of your are inspirations to men and women everywhere. Kudos to FedEx for giving the forum for employees to share their story. Congratulations on your retirement.

    Lisa Hibbert says:

    Wow! This was Impressive, Inspiring and I’m proud of you both.
    God bless.

    Deborah Purnell says:

    WOW! I am so proud to say that I worked with you and was a part of this FedEx world. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks Al. I wish you and Anthony the best blessings in all your endeavors.

    Rose Booker says:

    Thanks for creating the path not only for your Son, but also for so many others who aspire to reach for their goal in life.

    David Frassinelli says:

    Albert, Thank you for sharing 44 years of your life and your talent with FedEx. We have been enriched by your leadership. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. I do hope you keep up the mentoring, we need more pilots like you! Enjoy your well deserved retirement, my friend.

    D.Cameron Smith says:

    Anthony, was one of my former students that I spent time developing ELA skills, speeches etc…I cared so much about him as if he was one of my sons. Congratulations to you!!

    Audrey Phifer says:

    Captain Albert Glenn, Congratulation on your retirement! FedEx is loosing a Great Pilot, a Great man and a great Father. Thanks for sharing your story. With your encouragement and advise I know Anthony will be just like his dad. It was 44 years for me, this pass January 10, 2018. I am shortly behind you. Just know how the FedEx (Federal Express) employees were very proud, when you became a pilot. You gave us hope! Thanks again for sharing this great Father/Son testiomony. Audrey Phifer

    Rick Pellicciotti says:

    Albert, congrats on a great career. Very proud to have known you all these years. Looking forward to what you do with your free time. 🙂

    Veronica Rainer says:

    Captain Albert Glenn, thank you for being a real trailblazer in Aviation and making the FedEx family proud. It took and takes a “great strong man” to proudly pull through 44 years and pass on the legacy to your son Anthony as well as encourage others blazing this career path. Congratulations on your “Next” in retirement. Veronica Rainer

    Mark says:

    What a great continuing story! Proud to be at FedEx!

    Angie Jones says:

    Congratulations it’s always great when children have a role model at home, enjoy you deserve it. Also your son is a great man, I met him at Sam’s with Cordia and the children.

    rhonda rich says:

    Wow congratulations !! What a accomplishment. Enjoy your retirement.

    Tracy Williams says:

    Great,great story..Im Proud to share this with my son and daughter. Congratulations to you both

    Paul Tronsor says:

    Captain Glenn, what a fantastic career at FedEx. I am so pleased for you reaching this milestone in your life and moving on to your next adventure. It has been a distinct pleasure in my career working with you during our many projects together and I wish you many happy days in your next adventure. Your career and success is a testament to you, your family and frankly your perseverance through the many challenges faced by you throughout your long career. Your community involvement has made a difference is so many young people’s lives and the community is better for it. It is a rare and special thing you got to share this passion with Anthony as he gets to carry on the family tradition (and as you pointed out, Anthony will send your granddaughter to the best schools on his dime, said perfectly by a proud father!). Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your career and family legacy in audio. 44 years! Congratulations Al!

    David Reyad says:

    This is the best story, that I ever heard in my life.

    Lou Etta Burkins says:

    Congratulations Mr. Glenn. You are an awesome role model at work and in the community. Thank you for your mentoring service to Shelby County (TN) Alumni chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s EMBODI program. Mr. Glenn introduced the high school boys to many things in life including aviation career opportunities. Thank you so much and may God bless you as you embark upon retirement and your next journey in life.

    Glenn Futrell says:

    Albert, this is such a great story!

    I vividly remember our days working together in the hub. You were always so focused on ‘earning your wings’ so to speak. I remember you working all through the night to get through the sort. You would then find some freelance flight opportunity to help build up your hours so you could then get on the FedEx flight line.

    Your dedication to your craft and your love for FedEx was always an inspiration to me. I’m sure the fact that your son is carrying on that same tradition is wonderful and I know you are very proud of him.

    Although it has been many years since we have interacted, I’m very proud of our history and I wish you all the best! Congratulations on your 44 years!

    Dennis R. Adams says:

    Congratulations Glenn! Thank you for your service and commitment to FedEx.

    Willie Robison says:

    One of my childhood dreams was to be an airline pilot. I did get to interview with United in the 80s, however, after three attempts I do not make it. Yet, I am a flight instructor at the Olive Branch Airport, in Olive Branch, MS. As a black instructor, I enjoy flying and teaching others to earn their wings. Nevertheless, I am proud of the father-son pilots here and wish you the best.

    Dennis Williams says:

    How amazing is that, for a Father and son to share such an experience together and make history.Thanks for sharing your story. How can I get in contact with Black Pilot Assoc., to help introduce them to the young people in my area?

    Donna Stovall says:

    Al, I met your father long before I met you. Whenever he came to our office, he would always talk about you. He was always the epitome of a proud father and rightly so. Enjoy your retirement. You will be missed.

    Sean McCall Delta Airlines says:

    I am so proud of you both! Father and son together in the cockpit. Keep climbing!

    Kimberley Jones says:

    Congrats sir I don’t know you personally but after reading on the blog it feels like I have known you for a very long time, I am so proud of you and your son it is always great to see positive relationships with a father and son I know he will make you very proud and continue the legacy you started. Best of luck to you sir in your retirement.

    Beth Carr says:

    Outstanding Legacy of Personal Constitution, Commitment and Character.

    John Dunavant says:

    Al Glenn is a class act. More important than his chosen profession of being a Pilot, Al is first and foremost a great leader. By mentoring others he serves as a great dream maker rather than a dream slayer. It’s important for us to celebrate and give thanks to the early pioneers of this great company and he was one of them for many reasons. Kudos my friend and I look forward to your successes in the next chapter after Fedex.

    Lou Hughes says:

    Probably one of the best FedEx stories I have had the opportunity to listen to in a very long time. I am proud of the path you both have paved and thank you for leaving a legacy!

    Genevieve Rupley says:

    OMG! I knew Albert when he was a service agent waaaay back when in the early days of Federal Express. I did run into him once after he became a pilot. What an incredible accomplishment & legacy he’s leaving behind. Congratulations on 44 years of service, Albert. Best wishes for every happiness in your retirement! I KNOW you’ll love it as much as I do!

    Sonya Moore says:

    Such an incredible legacy! Congratulations and enjoy your retirement!!

    Brenda Cabel says:

    Congratulations ! Enjoy your well earned retirement !

    Marvin White says:

    Achievement in every field of human endeavor! What an inspiring story of legacy and leadership. Congratulations to you both.

    Sharae Banks says:

    What a outstanding legacy and to be able to share it with your own child is beyond amazing. May God continue to bless you both and good luck on your future endeavors and retirement.

    MJ Johnson says:

    AWESOME STORY Captain Glen! Congratulations on your well deserved retirement and I’m sure Anthony will continue the Glen legacy at FedEx.

    Dona Morgan says:

    Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your retirement, Captain Glen. Continue the legacy Anthony. It would be awesome if a 3rd generation (granddaughter)flew, as well.

    lisa solomon says:

    What a wonderful legacy !!!!

    Eddie W Gray, Jr. says:

    INSPIRING STORY! Captain Glenn Congrats and Continued Blessings in retirement! Thanks for being such and OUTSTANDING example of a Father and dedicated employee to Your Son and to other men! God Bless You and Your Family! Enjoy Retirement, You deserve to!

    Bridgett G. Rawls says:

    Awesome story! Congratulations on your successful career and to your upcoming retirement! Well Deserved!

    David Robinson says:

    Yikes! 44 Years ? Not sure what to say, where dose time fly!
    I will see you around the “Patch” as the say, God Bless you and your family. Thanks for all you have done and will do.

    Your friend,

    Dave Robinson

    Al Coleman says:

    Congrats Sir!! Well deserved. A true example of professionalism and leading by example. You have set the standard in so many ways; I hope you are aware of that. Enjoy your next endeavor Al.

    Rodrika L Thompson says:

    Congratulations on you huge success and retirement Thank you for setting a positive and inspirational path for many other minorities to strive for and walk in.



    Luvo Mahlulo says:

    What an inspiration you have shown resilience over career spanning over 44 years Go well Fedex Legend Go well

    Linda Goodwin-Parkinson says:

    I met you both a couple of years ago while working on a FedEx event and am excited to see this wonderful way to share your story with the public. I am proud and honored to have met both of you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your passion and your inspiration.

    Viola says:

    Congratulations… I know the 2 of you could not share everything on this blog, it would take a rather large book. But thank you, for sharing.
    Enjoy, the next chapter of your life, Young Man. Blessings on blessings to you and the family…

    Dianne says:

    Congratulation on your retirement and thanks for sharing your store. Good luck to you both

    David Hallin says:

    Al, Congratulations on your retirement. It seems to come to soon. Thanks for the significant contributions you have made to FedEx, the aviation community and to your community. I am proud to know you.

    Jack Muhs says:

    Al and Anthony,
    What a great story and thanks for sharing. I had the pleasure of playing a little basketball with both of you and softball with Al over my 30+ years at the company and we managed to get a little work done along the way as well.
    Al, During my time as a manager in GOC you were a great Duty Officers and I always appreciated the professionalism and calmness you brought to stressful situations. I know these attributes made you a great pilot and colleague. I celebrate with you on your retirement from FedEx and look forward to spending more casual time with you in the future. All the Best, Jack

    Mary Anne Doolittle Byrne says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! FedEx has come a long way since the days with Ken Ensslin, Scott Sanwick, Rick Barr and you all working together. I wish you well…God Bless you and I enjoyed working with you!!!

    Gladys Griffin says:

    WOW! AMAZING! AMAZING thank you for sharing this inspiring story. congrats to your retirement.

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