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November 15, 2011

2011 FedEx Airshow World Tour

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Note: The 2012 Airshow schedule will be posted here when it becomes available.

About Airshows
Our ETA is right now! We are celebrating our employees and network by launching the 2011 FedEx Global Airshow Program. FedEx team members volunteer their time to support static aircraft displays, hospitality chalets, aircraft pulls and ship centers at Airshows around the world.

Static Aircraft Display
For more than 30 years, we have been positioning FedEx planes at Airshows and opening them up for visitors to walk around, step aboard and ask questions. Aviation enthusiasts are able to take a firsthand look at one of our trunk or feeder aircraft. Sometimes, we add one or more vans or trucks to our display. FedEx team members are proud to be representing the largest air-cargo carrier in the world and to be a part of a family-friendly event in their community.  Visitors learn interesting facts about FedEx operations and the positive role we play in their local economy.

Hospitality Chalets
FedEx chalets provide our customers and business associates with entertainment in ultimate air show style. Usually in a prime location, chalets offer front row shaded seating for the aerobatic displays, fly-bys and other elements of the Airshow.  With food and beverages right at hand, fans can comfortably watch the action packed show and perhaps meet one of the performers who occasionally stop by for a meet and greet.
Aircraft Pulls
A Plane Pull pits teams of 20-25 people in a tug-of-war challenge with a FedEx aircraft, benefitting community charities. Pulling a huge rope, the team’s goal is to move a 100,000+ pound aircraft 12 feet, faster than the competing teams can. It takes both maximum individual effort and teamwork to get the job done; just like in our daily operations! FedEx has been organizing plane pulls for the past 18 years. Each year plane pulls raise about $500,000 for local charities. 

**Check out this video to see more on plane pulls**
Teams are made up of locally, from businesses, school groups, social clubs and sports groups. Public officials sometimes participate as well. Any group paying the entry fee, which is a contribution to a local charity, can compete. The teams are “in it to win it” but they have a lot of fun. Some teams dress in costumes, and they always have creative team names. It all takes place in a festival setting with games for kids, concession stands, and musical entertainment.
Ship Sites
We have ship sites at two Airshows: SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo and EAA Air Venture Oshkosh. This offers attendees a convenient way to ship purchases and memorabilia.
Our Airshow program reflects the pride FedEx people feel in our pioneering — and continuing — leadership in the shipping industry. It also serves as our salute to the intrepid men and women, military and civilian, who have taken to the skies over the past century to open a new frontier for the world. 


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    Carol says:

    Will there be FedEx participation at the 2012 airshow in Grand Junction, CO Sept. 21-22 & 23, 2012?

    Mynde says:

    FedEx is such a huge support to the Indianapolis Air Show! Thank you for all you do!

    Edward Sparks says:

    Look forward to the performance at Oshkosh.
    It’ll be m first trip there.
    We may display the HEMIJET!

    John Garrity says:

    It was another Great Air Show in Rockford IL this past weekend! Chris Busker and I have had the privilege of teaming up these past 6 years to coordinate the volunteers and static display for the Rockford Air Shows. The experience of the Air Show every year is unbelievable and what makes it so great is all of the great volunteers that work so well together from FedEx Express, Ground, Freight, Office, and Services. Every year we try to add something different to the display which included the Nascar Team, an assortment of all truck types from the different Opcos, and this year Chris Busker landed the All Electric Vehicle for the display. It was amazing to see the public interest and thanks for this zero emissions vehicle and FedEx’s commitment to expanding the green commitment. It has always been a great feeling to work for FedEx but if you have never volunteered for any of the events such as an Air Show, March of Dimes, United Way etc… I would highly recommend that you do not miss out on this experience that will make you prouder than ever to work for such a great company. Special thanks to Kathy Mosteller and Vicky Bowman who have given Chris Busker, Mark Simo and me so many great opportunities with the Air Show experience. John

    Jourdan shapiro says:

    Thanks so much! My son loved the experience of getting to see the Fedex airplane upclose. And thanks for the info from the pilots, truely a great experience.

    Lisa Hudson says:

    The Airshow teams does a wonderful job! I’m looking forward to the one in Millington!

    Todd Davis says:

    Great job at the California Capital Air show on 9/10 and 9/11. My Corporate Accounts that attended had a spectacular time and were treated to first class hospitality by the entire team of FedEx volunteers. Thank you all for making this a top notch experience for my customers and their families. Look forward to seeing you again next year.

    Todd Davis, World Wide Account Manager-Corp.
    FedEx Services

    Tim Murphy says:

    Adrian –

    On behalf of the California Capital Airshow Board of Directors, I want to thank FedEx for your sponsorship of our air show this past weekend, but also for the outstanding assist FedEx gave us in helping to solve a mechanical issue with one of our featured flyers! We are grateful for FedEx’s help, and the wonderful support you provide our show year after year.

    Cheers to you, Mary and the rest of the FedEx Airshow team!

    Tim Murphy

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