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FedEx Accomplishes a First for Commercial Aviation

January 21, 2016

When a FedEx 757 landed on Kennedy Space Center’s three-mile shuttle runway, it accomplished something no other commercial aircraft had before.  It became the first commercial carrier to land on the strip, signifying the start of a new collaboration between FedEx and the space industry.

“What we’re going through now is the privatization of space,” said Carl Asmus, FedEx Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions and Market Development. “Private companies are now taking over the exploration of space. This could drastically improve the speed of payload delivery,” he added.

With the commercial space industry growing at such a rapid rate, and the growth of biomedical experimentation and clinical trials at the International Space Station (ISS), FedEx is uniquely positioned to serve the aerospace industry.  FedEx is trusted with the movement of the items from the lab to the launch site, then at the recovery point back to the lab for the analysis.  We offer cold-chain packaging for high-value temperature-sensitive shipments, and have the capability to monitor temperature and other environmental factors through our SenseAware tracking technology to help ensure vital materials are not compromised during transit.

We can also help with speed and reliability.  “FedEx is playing an integral role in making sure that the integrity of those experiments is maintained at a very high level”, says Kris Kimel, Co-Founder and Chairman of Space Tango, whose mission is to provide researchers the ability to use microgravity to help them make their next big scientific breakthrough.

This inaugural landing was one that FedEx Captain Jose Nieves will not forget.“It was fantastic to fly in here today and be part of history,” he said.


    Brian says:

    So..are there going to be some routes opening up in space? What about pickups? One good thing is that the handheld device should work a lot better being that much closer to the satellite.

    John Fiske says:

    That’s got to be one of the coolest events ever! -although this company has always been the best at pushing the boundaries of capability.!. I am one of the luckiest- among the luckiest to be serving fedex as a ground contractor and an FASC owner, so for me, it’s like a kid standing at the base of the Statue of Liberty and looking straight up… Keep reaching for the sky, FedEx!

    JeffinMass says:


    Felix A Vargas Jr says:

    That is Totally Awesome. If the Government needs things/something delivered or done on time who else can provide that Service. FedEx Express (The World On time). 21 years I AM FedEx.

    Jim Curtis says:

    I might come out of retirement for that route

    Norm says:

    I’m glad Jose got a chance to do this, he is great to fly with!

    Huseni Mohsin says:

    Another first by FedEx … Absolutely Awesome !

    Paul Roberson says:

    As a 33 year employee at FedEx this is another milestone that I would say is right up top with many, to be allowed the honor to be the first carrier to land on the shuttle landing strip needs to be commemorated in maybe a patch that can be placed on a ball cap or shirt for all employees to bear the FedEx pride.

    Elba L. Rodriguez says:

    Space! WOW! What can we do next? FedEx is unstoppable!

    Rajesh Narayanaswamy says:

    Proud to know about the accomplishments. I am sure FedEx will soon strap rockets to planes and reach space…remarkable achievement to all who make this happen. Good Luck to all.

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