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FedEx and Hispanic Parents Have Something in Common: Sending Their Kids to College

February 5, 2009

Guest Blogger Frank Alvarez, CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the good people at FedEx over the years and being a part of their commitment to Hispanic higher education!  Together we have been able to reach close to 3,000 Hispanic families across the US.  FedEx has proven to be more than a successful business.  We’ve seen leadership vision supported by wonderfully committed employees working to positively impact the communities in which they work.  Whether in Ft. Lauderdale or on a basketball court in Dallas, Texas, FedEx brought its heart to these events.  

We are thrilled we’ll be continuing our partnership in the coming years.  

FedEx gets it: They understand there’s more to being a successful company than profits.  There’s the need to make America stronger through advancing the academic achievement of ALL Americans.  They comprehend from A to Z that to reach the Hispanic community means providing scholarship dollars to worthy and qualified students AND instilling in parents, who play such an important role in assuring their children are on the college path, with College Attaining and Sustaining Knowledge.  Parents, we all know, are key to closing the achievement gap.  They provide loving support and encouragement their kids need.  And, to assure FedEx is REALLY strategic in making a difference, with their help, 58% of the scholars that received scholarships were first in their family to go to college.  And of all the scholarships awarded, 88% of those students were low income.  Now those are serious numbers.


    Thanks FedEx for stepping up and helping provide financial assistance to Hispanic across our country. Lets keep FedEx in mind when we think about shipping.

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