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FedEx and Magic Johnson Brighten the Holidays for Families

January 11, 2012

Standing at 6 feet, 9 inches, Magic Johnson is probably the world’s tallest elf. For 13 years, the legendary NBA hall-of-famer was the big guy on basketball courts. Today, he’s just as famous for  having a big heart for community service. The Magic Johnson Foundation, established in 1991, serves more than 250,000 disadvantaged persons annually through a variety of community outreach services.

Most recently, the Magic Johnson Foundation and FedEx teamed up to deliver holiday cheer to hundreds of disadvantaged adults, teens and children at Compton High School in Compton, CA. As a result of FedEx support, attendees received hot meals, holiday gifts, and toys for the kids. Tiny tots and their family members also enjoyed photo ops with Santa. A FedEx truck also picked up and delivered toys to the holiday site.
During the holiday festivities, two FedEx trucks, parked outside Compton High School, became  learning environments as children climbed inside to receive safety lessons from team members and FedEx Safe Kids coloring books. “FedEx is a great company and we’re proud to partner with them on our holiday initiatives,” said Magic Johnson. “The holidays are not just about sharing with our families and friends, but also about giving back to our communities and those in need.”

Magic Johnson Foundation staff member Aneesha Saleem raved about the fact that FedEx team members arrived early and worked like elves to serve meals, distribute toys, direct long lines of attendees, and do whatever was needed. “All the FedEx team members were absolutely awesome,” said Saleem. “FedEx is a company with a heart and you can always count on the employees to bring their hearts to communities in need of help. They went above and beyond to make this event successful.”  

Kenny Smith, Tanasha Malone, Tamara Banares, Kelvin Golden, Parish Nixon and Reshod Collins were among the FedEx team members who played key roles in helping to deliver holiday cheer.     

FedEx team members also recently supported the Magic Johnson Foundation’s 20th Anniversary “Point Forward Day,” where more than 1,500 persons received HIV/AIDS, diabetes and blood pressure screenings, and attended wellness seminars at Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Centers in Sacramento, CA; Bladensburg, MD and Harlem, NY. FedEx team members also participated in beautification projects, installed new computers and provided software upgrades, read to small children, shelved library books, and performed fix-up tasks at the centers. “We couldn’t have done it without FedEx,” said Jeanella Blair of the Magic Johnson Foundation. “Our Community Empowerment Centers are gushing with nothing but accolades for the FedEx volunteers.  They performed magic!”

FedEx cross-OpCo team leaders supporting Magic Johnson’s 20th Anniversary Point Forward Day included Janice Person (Bladensburg, MD), Gena Flynn (Sacramento, CA), and Darren Johnson and Nancy Mallory (Harlem, NY). FedEx team members also attended an anniversary press event at the Staples Center where business leaders, dignitaries and celebrities celebrated Magic Johnson’s 20 years of community service. FedEx attendees included Kye Beverly, Tanasha Malone, Kelvin Golden, Kevin Burkley, and Joe Adams.

In addition to the holiday events and community empowerment centers, FedEx sponsors the Magic Johnson Foundation’s Leadership and Scholarship program for 160 students enrolled in colleges across the U.S.


    Jeanella Blair says:

    This is truly the demonstration of corporate citizenry at its best! FedEx and all of the incredible men and women who work their truly lead by example. FedEx delivers and the world is a better place for it! Thanks for all that you do!

    Anne-Marie Flores says:

    Thank you FedEx for your support for our Magic Johnson Point Forward Day at the Phoenix Park Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center and providing Christmas presents for our SETA Head Start students.

    Jackie Rose/Anne-Marie Flores
    Phoenix Park
    Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center

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